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George ready to perform at an outdoor event in Massachusetts (1996)

05GDChristmasCardGrandCanyon1696.jpg (114760 bytes)

Have a Grand (Canyon) Christmas!

051203GDJerryBravoPrincess3090Crop.jpg (142985 bytes)

George gets a bass lesson from Jerry Bravo.

051124GDDragon3057Crop.jpg (91111 bytes)

George and Chet Dragon celebrate Thanksgiving.

051105GDAirForceOneCrop.jpg (87183 bytes)

George boards Air Force One.

051105GDAirForceOne2042.jpg (90123 bytes)

051105GDAirForceOne2037.jpg (97452 bytes)

051105GDPresidentialSeal2056.jpg (74392 bytes)

051113GDVegasWelcomeSign2729.jpg (80880 bytes)

George enters the Las Vegas Strip.

051113GDStratosphereStrip2874.jpg (81120 bytes)

George on top of Las Vegas at The Stratosphere.

051107GDVenetian2268.jpg (84717 bytes)

George at The Venetian

051107GDVenetian2213.jpg (89131 bytes)

051106GDLuxor2174.jpg (67734 bytes)

George at The Luxor

051106GDLuxor2171Crop.jpg (75614 bytes)

051108GDLuxor2403.jpg (72083 bytes)

051107GDParis2298.jpg (103490 bytes)

George at Paris, Las Vegas

051106GDExcalibur2168.jpg (98671 bytes)

George at The Excalibur

051107GDMirage2232.jpg (85831 bytes)

George at The Mirage

051110GDDaleRandyPioneerSaloon2476.jpg (100003 bytes)

George visits the Pioneer Saloon with Mechanical Man, Randy Burns and his lovely wife, Dale. The Pioneer Saloon is the oldest sheet metal building in the country.

051110GDPioneerSaloon2471.jpg (104121 bytes)

051110GDDaleRandyPioneerSaloon2470.jpg (96253 bytes)

051112GDValleyOfFire2605.jpg (78819 bytes)

George hiking in The Valley of Fire.

051112GDArchRockValleyOfFire2642.jpg (86992 bytes)

051112GDValleyOfFire2654.jpg (82231 bytes)

051112GDValleyOfFire2679.jpg (80056 bytes)

051112GDValleyOfFire2691.jpg (86925 bytes)

051101GDGrandCanyon1696.jpg (85179 bytes)

George at the Grand Canyon

051101GDGrandCanyon1686.jpg (99104 bytes)

051101GDGrandCanyon1665.jpg (77170 bytes)

051102GDGrandCanyon1815Crop.jpg (91112 bytes)

051102GDGrandCanyonHikingIntoCanyon1843.jpg (112569 bytes)

George hiking into the Grand Canyon.

051102GDGrandCanyonHikingIntoCanyon1846.jpg (105009 bytes)

051102GDWupatkiPueblo1774.jpg (92372 bytes)

George at the Wupatki Pueblo, AZ

051103GDRedRockBunnyEars1946.jpg (90000 bytes)

George in Sedona, AZ

051104GDLondonBridge1985.jpg (82857 bytes)

George visits London Bridge.

051108GDHooverDam2322.jpg (57509 bytes)

George visits Hoover Dam.

051116GDAlamo3033.jpg (76234 bytes)

George visits and remembers The Alamo.

051114GDSaguaro2921.jpg (65872 bytes)

George visits the Giant Saguaros.

051104GDRoute661999.jpg (81308 bytes)

George on Route 66

051106GDDeathValleyLowestPoint2103.jpg (71906 bytes)

George at Death Valley, CA

051106GDHikingDeathValleyCanyon2127.jpg (117292 bytes)

George hiking Death Valley Canyon, Death Valley, CA

051106GDDeathValleyDevilsGolfCourse2120.jpg (92569 bytes)

George at Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley, CA

051111GDRedRockCanyon2522.jpg (116951 bytes)

George hiking Red Rock Canyon, NV

051111GDHikingRedRockCanyon2527.jpg (69767 bytes)

051111GDHikingRedRockCanyon2538.jpg (91567 bytes)

051103GDMontezumaCastle1889.jpg (102942 bytes)

George at Montezuma Castle, AZ

051115GDCarlsbadCaverns2961.jpg (87872 bytes)

George visits Carlsbad Caverns.

051105GDMalibuPacificOcean2081.jpg (83695 bytes)

George at the Pacific Ocean, Malibu, CA

051031GDPaintedDesert1563.jpg (81461 bytes)

George at Painted Desert, AZ

051031GDPaintedDesert1564.jpg (68103 bytes)

051031GDTepees1580.jpg (61407 bytes)

George at The Tepees, Painted Desert, AZ

051031GDPetrifiedForest1600.jpg (94076 bytes)

George at Petrified Forest, AZ

051031GDContinentalDivide1543.jpg (96340 bytes)

George at the Continental Divide, NM

051030GDDealeyPlaza1469.jpg (87555 bytes)

George at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX

051030GDGrassyKnollPose1484.jpg (86598 bytes)

George on the Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX

051030GDOKCapitol1529.jpg (68988 bytes)

George at the Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK

051030GDCivilWarCannon1534.jpg (77591 bytes)

051015GDPrincessJoeOberaitis1454Crop.jpg (83988 bytes)

George and The Polish Princess, Carolyn Lee visit with Musician, Joe Oberaitis.

050913GDAtkinsCoverLowCarbFridgeCandy.jpg (95531 bytes)

George displays his low-carb fridge on the cover of Atkins Monthly.

050822GDCindyGiovannisCrew1165.jpg (95266 bytes)

While Rick was out exploring the Grand Canyon, Cindy and the crew prepared the special Mega-Star Pizza for George.

050821GDDennisPolisky1153.JPG (61970 bytes)

George visits with Dennis Polisky, leader of the Maestro's Men and Grammy Award Nominee.

050819GDAnnTimKeriganMillies1121.jpg (95667 bytes)

George visits with Ann and Tim Kerigan from Millie's Pierogi at the annual Peach Festival in Wilbraham, MA. George's special recipe includes plenty of extra butter.

050819GDLynnBarsalouLunch1108Crop.jpg (82516 bytes)

George has lunch with long time friend, singer and songwriter, Lynn Barsalou

050816GDAllenWilley0980.jpg (54338 bytes)

George and long time friend and performer, Allen Willey

050816GDAlNoble0985.jpg (64192 bytes)

George and Grammy Award Winner Al Noble

050816GDCalMcClainCatania1013.jpg (71227 bytes)

George with Cal McClain and Charlie Catania

050816GDJoeBaptisteMiduraCharlieCatania0999.jpg (85516 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste, Richie Midura (The World's Greatest Clarinet Player) and Charlie Catania

050816GDJohnDumont1002.jpg (59484 bytes)

George inspects John Dumont's Desserts

050816GDDrFarleyChetDragon0998.jpg (72241 bytes)

George with Dr. Farley (Musician/Dentist) and Chet Dragon

050816GDEmilyWalterDragon1009.jpg (56002 bytes)

George with Walter and Emily Dragon

050816GDKoziolDragon1006.jpg (59829 bytes)

George with musicians Jolly Joe Koziol and Chet Dragon

050816GDMarioBiancuzzo0979.jpg (72103 bytes)

George visits with long time friend Mario Biancuzzo before the lunch begins.

050816GDDickBooth1016.jpg (84057 bytes)

George with Dick Booth. This is what happens when you spend too much time with Macs and microwave equipment.

050816GDKoszewskiDragonKedzior1003.jpg (72806 bytes)

George and musicians Bill Koszewski, Chet Dragon and Ed Kedzior

050816GDWiaterWallySzczukaDickPariseau1007.jpg (69387 bytes)

George with Mike Wiater, Wally Szczuka and Dick Pariseau

050816GDAllenWilleySteveTracy0982.jpg (69712 bytes)

George with Allen Willey and Radio Engineer, Steve Tracy

050815GDSteveMikeZasco0973E.jpg (67046 bytes)

George discusses his new and improved production techniques with Steve and Mike at Zasco Productions.

050608GDTripleFalls0816.jpg (84761 bytes)

George explores Triple Falls at DuPont State Forest, NC

050608GDTripleFalls0818Crop.jpg (101705 bytes)

050607GDHikingCarlSandburgsMountain0755.jpg (135002 bytes)

George hikes Carl Sandburg's Glassy Mountain.

050607GDCarlSandburgsGlassyMt0753Crop.jpg (142139 bytes)

050606GDMountMitchell0717Crop.jpg (114605 bytes)

George at his peak. Actually George is on Mount Mitchell which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.

050608GDBatCave0787.jpg (75118 bytes)

George visits Bat Cave, NC

050606GDTruckBlueRidgeParkway0726.jpg (113800 bytes)

George drives the Blue Ridge Parkway

050528GDArmyFieldBand0580Crop.jpg (92125 bytes)

George with the US Army Field Band "Volunteers"

050228GDDadWaterfall3395810.jpg (111448 bytes)

George & George Sr.

050226GDDadTarponSprings5309.jpg (87546 bytes)

George & George Sr. at Tarpon Springs. FL

041204GDSantaChair4992Crop.jpg (114432 bytes)

George test drives Santa's chair.

041012GDChristmasCard3153.jpg (83721 bytes)

Another Mega-Festive Christmas!

041117GDDax4811Quote.jpg (86431 bytes)

George and his friend, Dax.

040827GDLaFondsGermany3148.jpg (97353 bytes)

George with Alice and Rick LaFond after an excellent German meal.

040820GDAnnTimMillies4191.jpg (77848 bytes)

George visits with Ann and Tim Kerigan from Millie's Pierogi at the annual Peach Festival in Wilbraham, MA. As always, there was plenty of great Millie's food to sample.

040820GDKostekModelA19284187.jpg (65407 bytes)

George takes a ride with Ken Kostek in his 1928 Ford Model A.

040817GDPhilDGeorgeMurphy4123.jpg (80380 bytes)

Radio Legend Phil D, George Murphy and George

040817GDBaptisteNoble4131.jpg (90343 bytes)

George, Joe Baptiste and Grammy Award Winner, Al Noble

040817GDDickPariseauDickMelikian4121.jpg (68498 bytes)

Dick Pariseau, George and Business Agent, Dick Melikian

040817GDBarbaraHeissler4157.jpg (67197 bytes)

Barbara Heissler and George

040817GDMiduraWiater4130.jpg (63069 bytes)

George, Richie Midura and Mike Wiater

040817GDKoszewskiMidura4147.jpg (70932 bytes)

George, Bill Koszewski and Richie Midura

040817GDLessinDumont4116.jpg (70174 bytes)

Jan Lessin, John Dumont and George

040817GDKoszewskiKedzior4137.jpg (67247 bytes)

George, Bill Koszewski and Ed Kedzior

040817GDFrankKnight4128.jpg (91760 bytes)

Broadcasting Legend, Frank Knight and George

040817GDCalMcClain4140.jpg (74062 bytes)

Radio Engineer, Cal McClain and George

040817GDKedziorKoszewskiMurphy4125.jpg (70040 bytes)

George, Ed Kedzior, Bill Koszewski and Dan Murphy

040817GDKendra4117.jpg (74878 bytes)

Rich Kendra and George

040817GDLowCarbBurger4163.jpg (79471 bytes)

George and his Low Carb Burger

040816GDRickTimFrattesiGiovannis4108.jpg (80649 bytes)

George with Tim & Rick Frattesi, pizza masters and proprietors of Giovanni's Pizza, Chicopee, MA.

Rick had George make his own pizza which turned out to be another heavy classic.

040816GDJulieBrownie4110.jpg (93090 bytes)

George visits with pirate performers Julie & Brownie.

040727GDTeeMatt4094.jpg (87804 bytes)

George visits with Matt Lucier and Tee.

040727GDFighterPilot4093.jpg (73530 bytes)

George, always ready to fly!

040529GDStarWarsWife3933.jpg (71582 bytes)

George and his Star Wars Wife.

040529GDPrincessRolandStarWarsC3PO3939.jpg (101719 bytes)

George, The Princess and Roland. It sounds like the next Star Wars episode.

040529GDStormTrooper3942.jpg (120044 bytes)

George gets arrested by a Star Wars Storm Trooper.

040523GDDarrinMedley3838.jpg (76516 bytes)

George and vocalist/musician, Darrin Medley, the newest member of Paul Revere and the Raiders.
(Darrin is the son of Bill Medley, one of the Righteous Brothers.)

040424GDHelicopter3752.jpg (103394 bytes)

040424GDHelicopter3754.jpg (129381 bytes)

George ready for flight.

040422GDInkGolf3716.jpg (92820 bytes)

George golfing with Matt "Ink" Eason. Adding a new dimension and more excitement to the game.

040417GDDisneyTopiary3663.jpg (104758 bytes)

George at the Epcot Flower Power Festival

040321GDRaces3428.jpg (113655 bytes)

George at the 2004 NHRA Gator Nationals

040217DadPostCardGDDad2907.jpg (84544 bytes)

George Sr. & George in St. Augustine, Florida

George at Disney

040124GDDragon2839Crop.jpg (172169 bytes)

Chet Dragon & George Celebrate Chet's 80th Birthday.

031018GDChristmasCard.jpg (170285 bytes)

It's A Wonderful Mega-Star Genius Christmas!

031018GDIllham2205.jpg (79669 bytes)

George with Moroccan Performing Artist, Ilham

031011GDSeanHannity2145.jpg (80281 bytes)

George & Radio and Television Personality, Sean Hannity

031011GDClarkHoward2146.jpg (88544 bytes)

George & Broadcaster and Financial Wizard, Clark Howard

030905GDRayProtectionAgency.jpg (89583 bytes)

George & Sniper Doc Protection Agency

030905GDWeaponFiresideChat.jpg (93473 bytes)

George has a fireside chat the old fashioned way!

030823GDKarateShotPostCard.jpg (131800 bytes)

George get a FREE Karate Lesson!

030822GDBisquitGolfing.jpg (151625 bytes)

George golfing with Dick Bryskiewicz

030810GDDirectPostCard.jpg (87555 bytes)

Always ready to assist, George sits in and directs a television segment.

030810GDJaniksCasino1896PostCard.jpg (78911 bytes)

George visits the Mohegan Sun Casino with Jim and Bonnie Janik.

GDMelikianPostCard.jpg (48089 bytes)

George with Business Agent, Dick Melikian.

Dick knows more people than Dick Clark!

030812GDBarbaraHeissler1923.jpg (47963 bytes)

George & Barbara Heissler

030812GDCharlieCatania1909.jpg (56012 bytes)

George & Charlie Catania

030812GDDickBooth1916.jpg (58152 bytes)

George & Dick Booth

030812GDFrankKnight1903.jpg (63753 bytes)

George & Frank Knight

030812GDHerkFinn1908.jpg (63157 bytes)

George & Jazz Singer, Herk Finn

030812GDJBapMidura1910.jpg (59875 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste & The World's Greatest Clarinet Player, Richie Midura

030812GDJEvansNLambertBHeisslerMurphy1902.jpg (71624 bytes)

George with broadcasting legends Jonathan Evans, Norm Lambert, Barbara Heissler & George Murphy

Missing is WIZZ Kid, Phil D

030812GDMitchKupiec1907.jpg (51338 bytes)

George & Radio Personality, Mitch Kupiec

030812GDMorey1911.jpg (39538 bytes)

George & The Lone Arranger, Ken Morey

030812GDNLambertKnight1904.jpg (57622 bytes)

George with Norm Lambert & Frank Knight

030812GDWallyGonet1906.jpg (66267 bytes)

George & Recording Engineer, Wally Gonet

030726GDPalmsKingdomChair1880.jpg (74443 bytes)

George relaxes in style on his birthday.

030726GDDragonsLunch1874.jpg (68237 bytes)

George celebrates his birthday at lunch with Chet & Mary Lou Dragon.

8610GDEntertainersTankPromo1848.jpg (87133 bytes)

The Entertainers ready to invade Holyoke.

030118GDB17Prop1151.jpg (99203 bytes)

George checks out the equipment prior to the flight of the B-17.

030118GDDragonB171149.jpg (75195 bytes)

George and Chet Dragon prepare for their flight.

02GDChristmasCard.jpg (170072 bytes)

021103GDChristmasLabel.jpg (111471 bytes)

021201GDSanta959Crop.jpg (261141 bytes)

George puts his Christmas order in early!

021213GDWeapons1068NoMoreMrNiceGuy.jpg (138916 bytes)

George ready for action!

021213GDRayPartyGroup1054Crop.jpg (116906 bytes)

George and friends celebrate at the Official Sniper Doc Christmas Party!

021201GDDaisyDuck979Crop.jpg (140579 bytes)

George and his dancing partner!

021026GDChicopeePoliceFan713.jpg (103226 bytes)

George and Ryan Romano - The Chicopee Police track George down in Florida.

020816GDPhilDGeorgeMurphy2.jpg (77294 bytes)

George visits with Radio Legends Phil D and George Murphy!

020816GDModelA270.jpg (55626 bytes)

George test drives his new car.

020727GDDragonsBDay148.jpg (79090 bytes)

George celebrates his birthday with Chet & Mary Lou Dragon.

020511GDPaulRevere811.jpg (67749 bytes)

George & Paul Revere, The Legend & "Last Madman of Rock & Roll".

020427GDDragonHelicopter.jpg (48519 bytes)

George & Chet Dragon ready for action.

020427GDArmyTruck.jpg (40284 bytes)

George ready to move out the troops.

020427GDDragonVietnamWallFlag.jpg (116242 bytes)

Chet Dragon & George at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

020309GDJanikHomeCrop.jpg (34201 bytes)

Jim Janik visits with George at his estate.

020309GDJanikBeachSunset.jpg (23910 bytes)

Jim Janik and George at Clearwater Beach.

020119GDMaryLouChetDragonCarrabbas.jpg (36872 bytes)

George, Mary Lou & Chet Dragon celebrating Chet's birthday at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant.

020104GDTimeMOY.jpg (21528 bytes)

A few years ago when the Time people were really confused!

90GDNBCSportsCamera.jpg (81706 bytes)

9006GDNBCSportsUpdate.jpg (75177 bytes)

George at NBC Sports

9004GDNBCTodayShowSet.jpg (80147 bytes)

George at The Today Show

9004GDNBCWeatherStudio.jpg (98499 bytes)

George presents the weather for Willard

94PT74GDSturr10.jpg (60509 bytes)

George Interviews Grammy Award Winner, Jimmy Sturr

010728GDFreddyPlane05.jpg (23559 bytes)

Freddy sends George off to a successful mission.

010728GDPlane11.jpg (24690 bytes)

George ready to make his way to the runway.

010728GDPlaneFront17.jpg (27202 bytes)

George ready for takeoff!

010728GDMachineGun20.jpg (28431 bytes)

George keeps the terrorists under control.

010728GDEscapeRope08.jpg (25948 bytes)

George plans his escape rope route.

010728GDFreddyTruck24.jpg (39185 bytes)

George & Freddy Choquette

010728GDFreddyGilmoreProperty28.jpg (30285 bytes)

George & Freddy salute a Florida sinkhole.

GrampaMunster.jpg (27493 bytes)

Al Lewis - Grandpa Munster

Penn & Teller

Phil Donahue

Golfing With Baseball Legend - Luis Tiant

Sid Caesar

Wrestling Legend - Killer Kowalski

000818GDMario2.jpg (23274 bytes)

George & Mario Biancuzzo

000818GDLessin9.jpg (25328 bytes)

CSC-TV Program Director Jan Lessin & George

000818GDErnieDaigleMidura2.jpg (28773 bytes)

George, Ernie Daigle & "The World's Greatest Clarinet Player" Richie Midura

000818GDDumonts19.jpg (31437 bytes)

Cori Dumont, Director of CSC-TV John Dumont & George

000818GDThivierge.jpg (29323 bytes)

George visits with Bob Thivierge

000818GDTenczar8.jpg (21814 bytes)

Freddy "The Big Man" Tenczar & George

The two biggest athletes at the BIG lunch.

000818GDCoupal2.jpg (25027 bytes)

Musician Dave Coupal & George

000818GDKnightFarley10.jpg (26464 bytes)

George, TV/Radio Personality Frank Knight & Dr. Don Farley (Musician/Dentist)

000818GDKupiec2.jpg (24764 bytes)

George & Radio Star Mitch Kupiec

000818GDJBap2.jpg (31462 bytes)

George & Joe Baptiste

Tradition? Joe is arriving as the lunch is wrapping up.

000818GDBerestka4.jpg (27045 bytes)

George & Cajun Johnny B, Johnny Berestka

000818GDThiviergeJBap2.jpg (31775 bytes)

Bob Thivierge, George & Joe Baptiste

040819GDStellaMikeDorunda4178.jpg (72407 bytes)

George Visits with Aunt & Uncle Stella & Mike Dorunda following a Super Home-Cooked Meal!

000821GDArtGilmore2.jpg (24424 bytes)

George & Art Gilmore

000701GDFreddy1.jpg (30403 bytes)

Freddy Choquette visits with George at his Palatial Estate

200002DadGDPostCardPelicanBeach9.jpg (51102 bytes)

George & George Sr. at Indian Rocks Beach, FL

97GDDadOldTown.JPG (25468 bytes)

George Sr. & George at Old Town, FL

20000304GDKathyDanMurphy6.jpg (46476 bytes)

Kathy & Dan Murphy Visit With George At His Palatial Estate.

90PTGDChickenWingOpen.jpg (22568 bytes)

George Samples A Chicken Wing At The Taste Of Chicopee

PtrandyBurns.jpg (16568 bytes)

Mechanical Man, Randy Burns

92PTGDKendraSaladBar10.jpg (23927 bytes)

George Interviews Health Director Richard Kendra About Salad Bars

92PTGDBeach11.jpg (20644 bytes)

George Hosts A Prime Time Show From Horseneck Beach, MA

90PTGDTenczarStealFood.jpg (34654 bytes)

Fred Tenczar Borrows Food From George At The Taste Of Chicopee

93PT52GDBlizzardStandup6.jpg (42260 bytes)

George Salutes The Blizzard Of 1993. Now you know why he lives in Florida.

90PTGDMarcCampKostek.jpg (30940 bytes)

George Directs Production Assistant Marc Breault During A Prime Time Program

20000303GDJurassicJeep2.jpg (29692 bytes)

George Visits Jurassic Park

20000213PorowskiGDGroup.JPG (40773 bytes)

Kenny Morey, Mary Lou & Chet Dragon, Shirley Porowski & George At Universal!

It's a MIRACLE - Kenny is almost smiling!

20000213PorowskiGDSharkMobile.JPG (43319 bytes)

George Ready To Purchase The Shark Mobile!

20000213PorowskiGDDragonMoreyUniversal.JPG (25408 bytes)

George, Chet Dragon, Shirley Porowski, Ken Morey & Peter Porowski at Universal Studios!

20000207LaFondGDDisneyMonkey.JPG (25074 bytes)

George gets a little too close to the wildlife!

20000207GDRickTree4.jpg (40782 bytes)

Rick LaFond Visits With George

991111DragonGDBerestkasMagicKingdom1.JPG (49525 bytes)

Chet Dragon, George, Sandy & John Berestka

Official Prime Time Photographer, Ken Kostek, George & Joe Baptiste

George & The World's Greatest Clarinet Player, Richie Midura

George Coppez & Russ Bernstein Pose with The Mega-Star

George Visits With Financial Expert, Mike Cruz

Hank Chase & George

Mike Wiater & George

Freddy Choquette, George & Richie Midura

The Boys Of The Chicopee Health Department

Robert Wright - Freddy Choquette - George Dorunda - Richard Kendra - Matt Lucier

George With The Crew At Zasco

Hockey Legend - Gordy Howe

Maury Povich

8708GDTradeCenterRoof.jpg (77308 bytes)

George enjoys the view from the roof of the World Trade Center, New York City

George Visits With Polka Legend, Gene Wisniewski.

George & Bill Koszewski

Interview At Home with Sacramento Kings Head Coach - Garry St. Jean

91GDHappyLouieKFest1.jpg (84270 bytes)

George has fun and samples food with Happy Louie at the World Kielbasa Festival, Chicopee, MA (1991)

Country Star - Sally Hart

Chet Dragon & "The Lone Arranger" Kenny Morey visit with George


"The Lone Arranger" Kenny Morey visits with George at his Palatial Estate

George Interviews Singer/Songwriter, Lynn Barsalou

George Interviews Chicopee, MA Fire Chief - Bob Nunes

George Visits With Spiro - Village Pizza, Chicopee, MA

George Interviews Representative Joe Wagner

George Interviews Chicopee, MA Civil Defense Director - Kieth Rattell

George Interviews Captain DARE, Captain Bob - Bob Zygarowski

George Interviews Stunt Driver, Tym Chitwood

George Interviews Master Of The Wheel Of Death, Gary Sladek

George Interviews Vermont Cheese Expert, Howard Allen - Of course, FREE CHEESE was order of the day!

91GDHowardAllenVermontCheese.jpg (62193 bytes)

George Interviews Larry Chesky - Prime Time's First Guest

George with Restaurant Owners, Diogo & Maria

Celebrating George's Birthday at Diogo's Italian Cuisine, Palm Bay, FL with Chet & Mary Lou Dragon

Restaurant Owner, Maria Serves a Special Dessert for the Mega-Star

George Celebrates His Birthday with Chet & Mary Lou Dragon. Mary Lou Provided The Home Made Chocolate Crème Pie.

Another Successful Reunion!

Ken Morey, The Lone Arranger - Cajun Johnny B., Johnny Berestka - Chet Dragon - Richard Kendra - Freddy Choquette - Gene Wisniewski - Frank Knight - Bill Koszewski - George

Lunch With the Entertainment Greats!

Frank Knight - Freddy Tenczar - George - Ken Morey, The Lone Arranger - Cajun Johnny B., Johnny Berestka

Frank Knight & Freddy Tenczar Observe George Sampling Several Desserts!

Chet Dragon & George Perform at Vero Beach

Ready To Test Drive Daytona Beach!

Test Driving Daytona Beach George Style!

Chet Dragon & George Perform LIVE At an Outdoor Event!

Touring Ft. Lauderdale with Carolyn Lee - Stunning Fans Everywhere!

At The Festival - Carl Hoynowski - Chet Dragon - George Dorunda

Beach Babes Stalk George & Chet Dragon Hoping For A Picture And Autograph

As Always, The Superstars Are Pleased To Accommodate The Young Fans

George At The Shuttle Launch - "Am I Missing Something?"

Bill Zaskey Visits with George

An Italian Dinner On The Coast Celebrating George's Birthday

George Dorunda - Matt Lucier - Mary Lou & Chet Dragon

George With His Pet Pelican

Making Pizzas At Giovanni's

Artist - Dave Barsalou

Prime Time Fans - Mr. & Mrs. Hank Chase

Dinner Time!

Technical Wizardry Of The Health Fair - Mike Zaskey & George Dorunda

Polka Hall Of Famer - Chet Dragon

George Interviews Mary Lou & Chet Dragon at WREB Radio

George Interviews Prime Time Tire Expert - Mike Chudy

Lumber Expert - Jim Kaveney

George Judges the Official Lake Mattawa, MA Bakeoff!

FREE Soap For Russ Bernstein!

Rick & Alice LaFond Show Their Morgan Horses on Prime Time

George Interviews Don McCray of McCray Farms, South Hadley, MA

The Entertainers

8204GDLaFondPlane.jpg (78057 bytes)

George & Rick LaFond ready to fly out for a performance at Cape Cod.

"Beam Me Up!"

Another Birdie At Myrtle Beach

Touring NY With Prime Time

Really Driving In Style

George Talks Turkey about His Thanksgiving Dinner with the Turkeys at Bennett's Turkey Farm, Wilbraham, MA

Stars Of The Health Fair - Freddy Choquette - George Dorunda - Robert Wright

Taste Of Chicopee - Millie's Pierogis

96GDJohnZweifelWHOUSE1.jpg (68957 bytes)

George and White House Expert/Artist, John Zweifel

Now This Is Healthy!

Mt. Tom Ski School

A Long Time Fan, Irene & George

Chet Dragon & George Dorunda - Ready To Go Surfing?

George Directs a Recording Session for - International Recording Artist - Regina Kujawa

92GDMicheleLaFong5.jpg (68560 bytes)

George interviews Comedian, Michele LaFong

Merry Christmas - Florida Style!

99GDXmasCard.JPG (65962 bytes)

Merry Christmas from the Multi International Multi-Media Mega-Star!

(Sometimes I really do feel like 3 people.)

0012GDChristmasCard.jpg (57933 bytes)

Merry Mega-Star Christmas!

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Have A Magical Mega-Star Christmas!

Prime Time Drug Dealer (Pharmacist) - Peter & Shirley Porowski

At Home with George

Making BIG Money!


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