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Prime Time with George Dorunda


1989 - 1997

"The Most Entertaining Show On Television"

"More Food Per Minute Than Any Other Show On Television"

"Info-Tainment At Its Most Info-Taining"

"The Most Watched Television Show In Massachusetts"

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Video Clips

 George Not Bragging About Prime Time Being the Greatest Show on Earth "Prime Time"

 George Tests Unbreakable China "Prime Time"

 George Has Fun with Mai from Denmark who was Touring with Up With People "Prime Time"

 Historians Bill Glenny & Ray D'Addario Compare George to Herman Goering "Prime Time"

 George Comments about Teleprompters "Prime Time"

 George Checks Out the Burger King Toy Set "Prime Time"

 The Princess Salutes The Navy "Prime Time"

 Al Lewis - AKA Grandpa Munster "Prime Time" (1989)

 Prime Time with George Dorunda Invades WFSB - Fair & Festival Quiz - Making Eclairs - Keyboard Wizard Jim Falzone "Prime Time" (1995)

 Prime Time with George Dorunda - George Makes Eclair Swans at the Gingerbread House with Chef Rudy "Prime Time" (1995)

 Prime Time with George Dorunda - Julie & Brownie "Prime Time" (1995)

 Prime Time Christmas Show Featuring: The Princess - Zaskey Christmas Tree Farm - Christmas Caroling with Lenny Gomulka, Ted Nowak & Mitch Biskup "Prime Time" (1993)

 George Plays "What's For Breakfast" "Prime Time" (1993)

 WMAS Halloween Costume Party "Prime Time" (1993)

 George Discusses the Benefits of Eating Good Stir Fry "Prime Time"

 George Bungee Jumps with the Help of Bungee Divers Mike Lefever & Tim Gardiner "Prime Time"

 Lynn Barsalou - "We Support Our Troops" "Prime Time"

 Anti-Smoking PSA "BLAST" - Chicopee Health Department 1995

 Randy Burns - Mechanical Man "Prime Time"

 Making Pizza with Rick at Giovanni's Pizza "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Trevor Boswell "Prime Time" (1991)

 1996 Presidential Poll "Prime Time"

 Big E Quiz 1993 Edition "Prime Time"

 Big E Top 5 List "Prime Time" (1996)

 Big E Top 5 List "Prime Time" (1994)

 Cape Cod Quiz "Prime Time"

 Lisa Soap "Prime Time"

 Class Mugs "Prime Time"

 Tag Sales "Prime Time"

 St. Patrick's Parade Quiz "Prime Time"

 George Covers the Taste of Chicopee 96 "Prime Time"

 George Covers the Taste of Chicopee 95 "Prime Time"

 George Covers the Taste of Chicopee 92 "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Comedian Michele LaFong "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Chet Dragon about his Career "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Howard Allen and Samples Vermont Cheese "Prime Time"

 George Samples Millie's Pierogi with Extra Butter at The Big E "Prime Time"

 George Comments on the Spotted Owls at Southwick's Zoo "Prime Time"

 George Demonstrates His Skills in Winning at Carnival Games "Prime Time"

 Jimmy Sturr Band - Grammy Award Winner "Prime Time"

 Jimmy Sturr Band - Grammy Award Winner - "Star Spangled Banner" featuring Eric Parks "Prime Time"

 Jimmy Sturr Wins Two "Prime Time" Awards Including "Best Band Coach" "Hit it. Go." (1996)

 George Interviews Health Director Richard Kendra "Prime Time"

 George Comments on the Movie Batman Returns "Prime Time"

 George Comments on the Red Sox Plans for the World Series "Prime Time"

 New Years Eve Marathon Promo "Prime Time"

 Prime Time Time Killers - Smashing Pumpkins "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Wrestling Legend Walter "Killer" Kowalski "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Sacramento Kings Head Coach Garry St. Jean "Prime Time"

 George Interviews Jim Kaveney at Springfield Lumber "Prime Time"

 George Tours Springfield Lumber "Prime Time"

 George Samples 27 Varieties of Pizza at the Bridge Cafe, Chicopee, MA "Prime Time"

 George Comments on Chinese Militant Cannibals "Prime Time"

 George Comments about Statistics of Drinking with Kennedys in Boston "Prime Time"

 George Comments about the Competition "Prime Time"

 George Intros a Show from New York City and Comments about the Upcoming Madonna Convention "Prime Time"

 George Salutes Vice-Presidents' Day "Prime Time"

 George Comments on Iraq's Bomb Producing Capacity "Prime Time"

 George Discusses His Prime Time Pay Scale "Prime Time"

 George Late Show Shirt "Prime Time"

 George Opens a Show Looking at Busses and Comments on Freddy Choquette's Activities in Holyoke "Prime Time"

 George Talks with Mr. & Mrs. Sausage and Salutes The Muffin Man "Prime Time"

 George Compares New Camera Technology to Ross Perot "Prime Time"

 George Samples Ice Cream, One of his Four Basic Food Groups at Atkins Farms, Amherst, MA "Prime Time"

 George Intros Inside Prime Time "Prime Time"

 Ray Henry "Prime Time" (1994)

 Reflection - "Beauty and The Beast" "Prime Time" (1993)

 Reflection - "Good For Me" "Prime Time" (1993)

 The Blues Brothers Concert "Prime Time" (1993)

 The Band Secret - "Brown Sugar" "Prime Time" (1989)

 George Interviews Mike Skwira - The Crimson Brass "Prime Time" (1993)

 Gene Wisniewski - Polka Legend "Prime Time"

 Prime Time Promo - Greeting Cards "Prime Time"

 Prime Time Promo - Madonna Naked "Prime Time"

 Prime Time Promo - Order It "Prime Time"

 Prime Time Promo - Stuck In A Rut "Prime Time"

The Entertainers "Teach Me Tonight" Video

 George Covers the Fairfield Mall Wealth of Health Expo, Chicopee, MA "Prime Time" (1996)

 George Covers the World Kielbasa Festival, Chicopee, MA (1991)

 "Prime Time" Highlights Anniversary Show 1997

Al Lewis, Grandpa Munster - Artist, Dave Barsalou - Stunt Driver, Tym Chitwood - Tire Expert, Mike Chudy

Chet Dragon - Wrestling Legend, Killer Kowalski - Gene Wisniewski - Ray Henry - Russ Bernstein

Richard Kendra - Mechanical Man, Randy Burns - Peter Porowski

Sally Hart - Basketball Coach, Garry St. Jean - Grammy Winner, Jimmy Sturr

George Comments About Teleprompters, Burger King, Food & The Competition

George Makes Pizzas at Giovanni's & Tests Unbreakable China

Touring NY with Prime Time

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George Interviews Grammy Award Winner, Jimmy Sturr

Making Pizzas at Giovanni's

Polka Hall Of Famer, Chet Dragon

George Interviews Mary Lou & Chet Dragon at WREB Radio

93PT52GDBlizzardStandup6.jpg (42260 bytes)

George Salutes The Blizzard Of 1993. Now you know why he lives in Florida.

Richard Kendra - The Most Famous Health Director in the Country

Grammy Award Winner - Jimmy Sturr

Wrestling Legend - Killer Kowalski

90PTGDChickenWingOpen.jpg (22568 bytes)

George Samples A Chicken Wing At The Taste Of Chicopee

92PTGDKendraSaladBar10.jpg (23927 bytes)

George Interviews Health Director Richard Kendra About Salad Bars

92PTGDBeach11.jpg (20644 bytes)

George Hosts A Prime Time Show From Horseneck Beach, MA

91GDHappyLouieKFest1.jpg (84270 bytes)

George has fun and samples food with Happy Louie at the World Kielbasa Festival, Chicopee, MA (1991)

90PTGDTenczarStealFood.jpg (34654 bytes)

Fred Tenczar Borrows Food From George At The Taste Of Chicopee

96PT93GDMattsTimeKiller4.jpg (19952 bytes)

Matt's Official Prime Time Time Killers with Smashing Pumpkins LIVE via Satellite

90PTGDMarcCampKostek.jpg (30940 bytes)

George Directs Production Assistant Marc Breault During A Prime Time Program

George Interviews Singer/Songwriter, Lynn Barsalou

96GDJohnZweifelWHOUSE1.jpg (68957 bytes)

George and White House Expert/Artist, John Zweifel

That Great Band "Reflection"

Actors - Freddy Choquette & Tony Bertoldo

The Band "High Society"

The Crocodile Dundee of Polka Music - Ray Henry

Artist - Dave Barsalou

Bill Glenny & Richard Kendra - Band Members of the Fabulous Checkmates

PtrandyBurns.jpg (16568 bytes)

Mechanical Man, Randy Burns

FREE Soap for Russ Bernstein!

Polka Legend - Gene Wisniewski

Prime Time Tire Expert - Mike Chudy

Flying with Pilot Bob Jeffway

George Interviews Larry Chesky - Prime Time's First Guest

A Body Fat Test At the Health Fair

George Interviews Prime Time Drug Dealer Peter Porowski

George Interviews Chicopee, MA Fire Chief - Bob Nunes

George Interviews Representative Joe Wagner

George Interviews Chicopee, MA Civil Defense Director - Kieth Rattell

George Interviews Captain DARE, Captain Bob - Bob Zygarowski

George Interviews Stunt Driver, Tym Chitwood

George Interviews Master Of The Wheel Of Death, Gary Sladek

George Interviews Vermont Cheese Expert, Howard Allen - Of course, FREE CHEESE was order of the day!

91GDHowardAllenVermontCheese.jpg (62193 bytes)

George Interviews Acupuncturist Yu-Man Suen while Sue Skibinski Awaits Treatment

Sinus Problems? George Places A Few Extra Needles Just to Play It Safe

Sampling Goodies with Bruce at the Gingerbread House

Cajun Johnny B - The John Berestka Band

Entertainers - Julie & Brownie

Pie-Rates Julie & Brownie

Another Birdie at Myrtle Beach

Lumber Expert - Jim Kaveney

Rick & Alice LaFond Show Their Morgan Horses on Prime Time

George Interviews Don McCray of McCray farms, South Hadley, MA

Enjoying A Beverage during Our New Year's Marathon

"Happy New Year America!"

Keyboard Wizard, Jim Falzone

Sing That Song Lori


Al Noble & Eric Parks - Grammy Award Winning Trumpet Players With Jimmy Sturr

Andy Yee - Hu Ke Lau

The Motto of "Prime Time" - "More Food Per Minute Than Any Other Show On Television"

George at the Official Prime Time Control Center

Prime Time Fans - Mr. & Mrs. Hank Chase

Interview At Home with Sacramento Kings Head Coach - Garry St. Jean

Country Star - Sally Hart

92GDMicheleLaFong5.jpg (68560 bytes)

George interviews Comedian, Michele LaFong

"This One's Just For You"

"This Is the First Time I've Ever Tasted Jack's Buns"

Eddie Forman - EFO

Taste Of Chicopee - Millie's Pierogi's

Let's Interview This Elephant! - Southwick's Zoo

George Talks Turkey about His Thanksgiving Dinner with the Turkeys at Bennett's Turkey Farm, Wilbraham, MA

"Beam Me Up"

Taste Of Chicopee - They Call This "Blackened Chicken"

Prime Time Invaded By The Blues Brothers

"Elwood, We Need A New Blues Mobile"

Sampling 27 Varieties of Pizza with Doug Del Monte of the Bridge Cafe

Sampling Giant Eclairs with Bruce at the Gingerbread House

Catwoman on Steroids

Prime Time Invades WFSB

The Secret of Millie's Pierogi's? - Extra Butter!!!

George Discusses His Training Secrets with A Fitness Expert from Fitness First, West Springfield, MA - Extra Butter!!!

Weather Time at WFSB

We'll Be Right Back - Taste Of Chicopee

It's Lori!


Firefighting Time At the Taste of Chicopee

Mt. Tom Ski School

Judge At the Official Mattawa Bakeoff

George Interviews the Official Worthington, MA Postmaster

George Interviews Ann Firestone of Greyhound Pets of America

Another Day at Kamp Kostek on Beautiful Lake Mattawa

Basketball Star - Dana Rogers

John Gordon of CSC-TV Appears Confused As George Explains the Upcoming Prime Time Program

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