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06GDChristmasCard5655.jpg (114220 bytes)

Have a Merry Mega-Star Christmas!

061124GDMGMChristmasLights5691Crop.jpg (140655 bytes)

George at the MGM Christmas Light Display with Over Four Million Christmas Lights

061124GDHerbie5694Crop.jpg (160807 bytes)

George with Herbie the Love Bug

061123GDThanksgivingTurkey5674Crop.jpg (75227 bytes)

George enjoys his low-carb Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

061110GDDickVickiPariseauFortMatanzas5653.jpg (63397 bytes)

George visits Fort Matanzas with Dick and Vicki Pariseau

061005GDBlueRidgeParkway5408.jpg (86977 bytes)

George hikes the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

061005GDHikingMtPisgah5411.jpg (155851 bytes)

George hikes Mt. Pisgah, NC

061004GDDangerSign5351.jpg (137497 bytes)

George explores Triple Falls at DuPont State Forest, NC

061004GDTripleFalls5339.jpg (104996 bytes)

061004GDGlassyMountain5326.jpg (95948 bytes)

George hikes Carl Sandburg's Glassy Mountain.

061004GDGlassyMountain5328.jpg (105099 bytes)

061002GDWhitewaterFalls5221.jpg (159219 bytes)

George overlooking Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

061001GDDevilsCourthouse5176.jpg (50475 bytes)

George hikes to the peak of Devil's Courthouse, NC

061001GDBlueRidgeParkwayHighestPoint5181.jpg (77966 bytes)

George at the Highest Elevation Point of the Blue Ridge Parkway

060930GDHighFalls5137.jpg (93103 bytes)

George visits High Falls at DuPont State Forest, NC

060824GDMayberryCourthouse5030.jpg (76235 bytes)

George takes over Mayberry, NC

060824GDMayberryCourthouse5043BW.jpg (65747 bytes)

060824GDMayberryJail5044BW.jpg (78574 bytes)

060824GDMayberryPoliceSquadCar5023.jpg (76471 bytes)

060824GDWallysServiceStationMayberryNC5037.jpg (77871 bytes)

060824GDMabryMill5010.jpg (102936 bytes)

George visits the famous Mabry Mill in Virginia

060824GDBlueRidgeParkwayVA4994.jpg (49192 bytes)

George hikes the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

060824GDBlueRidgeParkwayVA4957.jpg (86703 bytes)

060823GDDad4939Crop.jpg (97645 bytes)

George & George Sr. in Chicopee, MA just before heading back to Florida.

060818GDMarioAnneBiancuzzo4898Crop.jpg (81550 bytes)

George visits with Mario and Anne Biancuzzo

060818GDFrattesiFamily4897Web.jpg (145601 bytes)

George with the Frattesi Family at Giovanni's Pizza, Chicopee, MA

060818GDLynnBarsalouPizzaGiovannis4895Crop.jpg (83291 bytes)

George and Lynn Barsalou enjoy a Mega-Star Pizza at Giovanni's Pizza, Chicopee, MA.

060817GDSandyJohnBerestka4883Crop.jpg (94059 bytes)

George and Sandy and John Berestka - Cajun Johnny B

060817GDJimKaveney4852Crop.jpg (99711 bytes)

George visits with long time friend, Jim Kaveney

060816GDJimBonnieJanikJeffJanik4850Crop.jpg (81519 bytes)

George visits with Jim, Bonnie and Jeff Janik for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

060816GDMtHolyoke4794.jpg (147137 bytes)

George hikes to the summit of Mt. Holyoke.

060816GDBillBettyKoszewskiIvanhoe4789Crop.jpg (74778 bytes)

George enjoys lunch at The Ivanhoe with Bill and Betty Koszewski.

060815GDZascoEquipmentWarehouse4786.jpg (100578 bytes)

George fulfills his fantasy of spending some quality time in a warehouse filled with technical equipment at Zasco Productions.

060815GDJohnDumontCarrabbas4788Crop.jpg (96457 bytes)

George and John Dumont enjoy dinner at Carrabbas.

060814GDNHSeatbeltSign4656Crop.jpg (171009 bytes)

George visits the "Common Sense" State of New Hampshire - "Live Free Or Die"

060815GDBilKoszewskiRichieMidura4689Crop.jpg (80761 bytes)

George with Bill Koszewski and Richie Midura

060815GDLynnBarsalou4715Crop.jpg (76518 bytes)

George with Singer/Songwriter, Lynn Barsalou

060815GDLynnBarsalou4753Crop.jpg (80920 bytes)

George shows Lynn Barsalou the Mega-Star Pose

060815GDRichieKendra4713.jpg (69906 bytes)

George with Richie Kendra

060815GDBarbaraHeisslerSteveTracy4717.jpg (62058 bytes)

George with Barbara Heissler and Steve Tracy

060815GDAlNoble4692Crop.jpg (81220 bytes)

George and Grammy Award Winning Al Noble

060815GDKenMoreyPhilGreco4708Crop.jpg (83404 bytes)

George with The Lone Arranger and his Chauffeur/Barber/Trumpet Player, Phil Greco

060815GDPhilDDaughter4719.jpg (72157 bytes)

George with Radio Legend, Phil D and his Daughter

060815GDCalMcClain4782Crop.jpg (85883 bytes)

George and Cal McClain

060815GDBillKoszewski4730Crop.jpg (80555 bytes)

George and Bill Koszewski

060815GDJoeBaptisteRichieMidura4757.jpg (72792 bytes)

George inspects the passing desserts.

060815GDKenMorey4707.jpg (75054 bytes)

George and The Lone Arranger, Ken Morey

060815GDLunchGroupPose4774.jpg (71795 bytes)

George with a few of the broadcasters attending the Big Lunch.

060815GDJanLessin4683Crop.jpg (97207 bytes)

George and CSC-TV Program Director, Jan Lessin

060815GDDickPariseauFrankKnightLynnBarsalou4743Crop.jpg (69162 bytes)

George with Dick Pariseau, Lynn Barsalou and Frank Knight

060815GDBillKoszewskiJoeKoziol4687Crop.jpg (73461 bytes)

George with Bill Koszewski and Joe Koziol

060815GDArtNunes4679Crop.jpg (67419 bytes)

George and Art Nunes

060815GDFrankKnight4690.jpg (56451 bytes)

George and Frank Knight

060815GDDickBoothPoint4776.jpg (75313 bytes)

George points out a few details for Dick Booth.

060814GDAshuelotCoveredBridge18644644.jpg (91588 bytes)

George visits the Ashuelot Covered Bridge in Ashuelot, NH which was built in 1864.

060814GDDrJeffCullington4629Crop.jpg (82114 bytes)

George with Dr. Jeffrey Cullington - The Finest Dentist in the Northeast

060813GDMattTeeCarrabbas4627.jpg (78816 bytes)

George and Matt and Tee Lucier enjoy dinner at Carrabbas.

060812GDBobThivierge4585.jpg (85289 bytes)

George visits with Bob Thivierge

060810GDMikeMariaMidura4563.jpg (87471 bytes)

George enjoys dinner in Virginia Beach with Michael and Maria Midura

060722GDPolynesianHotel4505Crop.jpg (138900 bytes)

George at the Polynesian Resort, Orlando, FL

060722GDJosh4504Crop.jpg (134175 bytes)

George shows Josh, grandson of The Polish Princess Carolyn Lee, the Mega-Star Pose

060708GDLakeHarrisGatorSwimming4450.jpg (129966 bytes)

George checks out the popular swimming spots in Leesburg, Florida

060708GDLeesburgClockTower4456.jpg (79815 bytes)

060527GDArmyVolunteersBand4187Crop.jpg (100556 bytes)

George with the US Army Field Band "Volunteers"

060527GDFiddlersJoy4207Crop.jpg (115780 bytes)

George with Fiddler's Joy

060220GDPatCyczEddieFormanSteveDudasSteveJr3425Crop.jpg (80221 bytes)

George visits with Pat Cycz and Eddie Forman of EFO, and Steve Dudas of OPM along with Steve Dudas Jr.

060121GDDadPrincessWildernessRestaurant3282.jpg (81150 bytes)

George & George Sr. enjoy lunch with The Princess at the Wilderness Campground Restaurant

060121GDDadPrincess3272.jpg (74234 bytes)

060115GDCastilloDeSanMarcosCannon3232.jpg (96237 bytes)

George visits Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida

060112GDDadEpcot3185Crop.jpg (98188 bytes)

George & George Sr. at Epcot

060108GDDadAKRockers3180.jpg (89898 bytes)

George & George Sr. Relax at Animal Kingdom Lodge


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