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Just Look At The Wonderful, Colorful Images And Enjoy!

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071225GDHangMickey8411.jpg (86491 bytes)

George Hangs Mickey

071225GDTinkerToy8409.jpg (83753 bytes)

George Play with Mega-Tinker Toys

071225GDPirate8403.jpg (93325 bytes)

George Invades with the Pirates

"I just love being a pirate." - Brownie Macintosh

07GDChristmasCard.jpg (157297 bytes)

Have a Merry Mega-Star Christmas!

071121GDGoofyChristmasTopiary8283.jpg (130877 bytes)

071221GDNarnia8378.jpg (106800 bytes)

George visits Narnia

071220GDSniperDocLunch9709.jpg (95242 bytes)

George and his good friend "SniperDoc" Ray Schoenrock enjoy a Pre-Christmas lunch.

071122GDTurkey8314Crop.jpg (124780 bytes)

George finishes off the Thanksgiving Turkey

071024GDDrEarlMindell8078Crop.jpg (75222 bytes)

George visits with Dr. Earl Mindell, the Goji Guru

071015GDHookerFalls8066.jpg (90181 bytes)

George at Hooker Falls, Dupont State Forest, NC

070909GDDragonsLunch7824Crop.jpg (80685 bytes)

George enjoys his traditional birthday lunch and visiting with Chet and Mary Lou Dragon

070909GDDragonsAnimalKingdom7830.jpg (108160 bytes)

070909GDDragons7825.jpg (85555 bytes)

070824GDLaurensSCCoutrhouse7806.jpg (79982 bytes)

George at the Historic Laurens, SC Courthouse

070823GDBlueRidgeParkwayNC7776.JPG (110798 bytes)

George on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

070823GDHikingBlueRidgeParkway.JPG (153415 bytes)

George hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway

070823GDMountainTop.JPG (102202 bytes)

070822GDDad7770.jpg (97758 bytes)

George and George Sr. at home in Chicopee, MA

070819GDDennisPolisky7746Crop.jpg (79029 bytes)

George visits with Dennis Polisky, leader of the Maestro's Men.

070819GDMitchKupiecFredBrozekWTCC7762Crop.jpg (90427 bytes)

George visits WTCC with Mitch Kupiec and Fred Brozek

070819GDDadPuzzle7739.JPG (71149 bytes)

George with George Sr. and his 3D puzzle creations.

070819GDDadPuzzle7738Crop.jpg (79167 bytes)

070818GDLynnBarsalouBridge7731.jpg (91797 bytes)

George and Lynn Barsalou at the Willimansett Bridge

070817GDKenKostek1928ModelA7671Crop.jpg (100533 bytes)

George visits with Ken Kostek and his 1928 Model-A

070817GD1928ModelA7673.jpg (100454 bytes)

070817GDAnnTimKeriganMillies7684.jpg (90541 bytes)

George visits with Ann and Tim Kerigan from Millie's Pierogi at the annual Peach Festival in Wilbraham, MA.

070817GDMattTeeLucier7670Crop.jpg (108289 bytes)

George visits with Matt and Tee Lucier

070817GDLincoln7680.jpg (97904 bytes)

George finds his new Lincoln

070816GDJimBonnieJanik7668.jpg (76115 bytes)

George visits with Jim and Bonnie Janik

070815GDBelchertown7633.jpg (82208 bytes)

George visits Belchertown, MA

070814GDEricGiovannis7631Crop.jpg (118609 bytes)

At Giovanni's Pizza in Chicopee, MA, Eric does an outstanding job creating George's Mega-Star Pizza

070814GDJBaptisteKmonMidura7561.JPG (70232 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste, Richie Kmon and the World's Greatest Clarinet Player, Richie Midura

070814GDJerryLynnBarsalou7604Crop.jpg (83612 bytes)

George with Jerry and Lynn Barsalou

070814GDMelikianKmon7493.JPG (75652 bytes)

George with Business Agent Dick Melikian and Richie Kmon

070814GDAlNobleKmon7497Crop.jpg (96407 bytes)

George with Grammy Award Winning Al Noble, and Richie Kmon

070814GDPhilDLynnBarsalou7606.JPG (61610 bytes)

George with Radio Legend Phil D and Singer/Songwriter Lynn Barsalou

070814GDRayHershelFrankKnight7545.JPG (61763 bytes)

George with News Anchor Ray Hershel and Frank Knight

070814GDRayHershelFrankKnight7544.JPG (60190 bytes)

George with News Anchor Ray Hershel and Frank Knight

Frank is attempting to rewrite tonight's script.

070814GDBarbaraHeissler7619.JPG (59428 bytes)

George with Radio Host Barbara Heissler

070814GDJanLessin7529Crop.jpg (75290 bytes)

George with CSC-TV Program Director Jan Lessin

070814GDKenKostek7585.JPG (71323 bytes)

George with Photographer Ken Kostek

070814GDKenMorey7597.JPG (55693 bytes)

George with "The Lone Arranger" Ken Morey

070814GDFrankKnightCalMcClain7615.JPG (54104 bytes)

George with Frank Knight and Cal McClain

070814GDBillRichKoszewski7563.JPG (73741 bytes)

George with Bill and Rich Koszewski

070814GDKenMoreyCharlieCatania7536Crop.jpg (89149 bytes)

George with Musicians Ken Morey and Charlie Catania

It appears that Ken Morey is ready for desert.

070814GDMitchKupiecLynnBarsalouMikeWiater7554.JPG (60400 bytes)

George with Mitch Kupiec, Lynn Barsalou and Mike Wiater

070814GDMitchKupiecMikeWiater7548Crop.jpg (74120 bytes)

George with Radio Host Mitch Kupiec and Musician Mike Wiater

070814GDMichaelLevreault7590.JPG (71031 bytes)

George with Artist Michael Levreault

070814GDKmon7491.JPG (81347 bytes)

George with Richie Kmon

070814GDDickBooth7555.JPG (79923 bytes)

George with Dick Booth

070814GDMelikianKmon7492.JPG (72279 bytes)

George and Richie Kmon observe the Dick Melikian Fashion Show

070814GDDickBoothCamera7498.JPG (73510 bytes)

George directs Dick Booth on proper operation of the new and patented Sneezecam.

070814GDJanLessinKenKostek7526.JPG (65086 bytes)

George visits with Jan Lessin and Ken Kostek

070814GDLynnBarsalouMega-StarPose7586.JPG (78237 bytes)

George shows Lynn Barsalou the Official Mega-Star Pose

070813GDJimKaveney7459Crop.jpg (89067 bytes)

George visits with Jim Kaveney

070813GDSzotTank7457Crop.jpg (84762 bytes)

George visits the Szot Park Tanks

070813GDSzotTank7455.jpg (75300 bytes)

070811GDBEefTeriyaki7446.jpg (75475 bytes)

George samples Beef Teriyaki

070809GDBashBishFalls7264.jpg (111017 bytes)

George at Bash Bish Falls

070809GDRickTimGiovannis7246Crop.jpg (93304 bytes)

Rick and Tim Frattesi prepare a special Giovanni's Mega-Star Pizza for George

070809GDSuperMegaStarCape7248Crop.jpg (72985 bytes)

George test drives his new "Super Mega-Star" Cape

070807GDEddieSkinger7244Crop.jpg (69723 bytes)

George visits with Eddie Skinger

070806GDJimMinkalis7222.jpg (98706 bytes)

George visits with his cousin Jim Minkalis

070805GDKmon7217Crop.jpg (90815 bytes)

George with longtime good friend Richie Kmon

070804GDDadBirthdayLunch7011.jpg (86474 bytes)

George celebrates his 50th Birthday with lunch at Carrabbas with George Sr.

070803GDLavaTube7008.jpg (110384 bytes)

George at an ancient lava tube at Mt. Tom, Holyoke, MA

070803GDGoatsPeak7002.jpg (65893 bytes)

George Hikes to Goat's Peak

070802GDHanoverVA1735Courthouse6997.jpg (98073 bytes)

George at the Hanover, VA Courthouse built in 1735

070721GDHome6965.jpg (70130 bytes)

At Home with George

070721GDHome6962.jpg (62889 bytes)

070506GDNelsons6793.jpg (80929 bytes)

George with Gunnar and Matt Nelson - The Nelsons

070330GDRobertoMartinez6009Crop.jpg (109331 bytes)

George with Roberto Martinez of the Mariachi Cobre

070324GDKnightSuit5939.jpg (82144 bytes)

George gets Knighted

070324GDOldCityDecoratingIdeas5943.jpg (124070 bytes)

George develops Old City Decorating Techniques

070324GDOldestWoodSchoolhouseInUS5947.jpg (113515 bytes)

George at the oldest wood schoolhouse in the United States in St. Augustine, FL. Note: The guy on the right doesn't appear to be a Mega-Star fan.

070324GDPirate5952.jpg (102559 bytes)

George always enjoys having fun with pirates.

070324GDUncleSamStrengthTest5956.jpg (82923 bytes)

George tests his strength on a vintage Uncle Sam Strength Testing Machine.

070324GDAndySargenski5970.jpg (78280 bytes)

While taking a walk on St. Augustine Beach, George runs into friend and musician, Andy Sargenski.

070317GDCanadaGarden5914.jpg (130440 bytes)

George at Canada Gardens

070317GDBoardwalkLawLibrary5909Crop.jpg (89319 bytes)

George at the Boardwalk Law Library

070317GDGlobe5923.jpg (102012 bytes)

George solves world problems

070317GDMexicoMosaic5919.jpg (116303 bytes)

George views Mexican Artwork

070304GDPeterGerbert5899Crop.jpg (79524 bytes)

George visits with friend and award winning wildlife artist, Peter Gerbert at the Leesburg Art Festival, Leesburg, FL.

070302GDCandy5896.jpg (86445 bytes)

George discovers the perfect use for his extra bathroom, which is to store numerous cases of Russell Stover low carb chocolates after stocking up at one of their case sales.

070225GDMGMSanFrancisco5880.jpg (82073 bytes)

George relaxing at MGM's San Francisco Street

070210GDCornButter5853Crop.jpg (70527 bytes)

George inspects the corn to ensure there is sufficient butter.

070203GDDragonsLunch5843Crop.jpg (63438 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visiting with Chet and Mary Lou Dragon

070203GDDragons5847.jpg (94868 bytes)

070115GDLagowskisMGM5819Crop.jpg (117144 bytes)

George visits MGM Studios with his aunt, Eleanor Lagowski, and cousins Tom and Jane Lagowski, and Alice Adams

070115GDAliceEleanorLagowskiLunch5818Crop.jpg (86292 bytes)

George enjoys lunch with his cousin Alice Adams and aunt Eleanor Lagowski

070204GDToastTrendies9575.jpg (98389 bytes)

George Salutes Trendy People

070205GDBigMoney100.jpg (77600 bytes)

Making BIG Money!


BannerEmail.jpg (22193 bytes)