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081209GDFireplace0414Crop.jpg (89662 bytes)

George At Home Ready For a Fireside Chat

081206GDForestCityNCChristmas0386.jpg (92212 bytes)

George at the Christmas Festivities, Forest City, NC

08GDChristmasCard.jpg (170348 bytes)

Wishing You a Mega-Bright Mega-Star Christmas!

081026GDClevelandCountyCourthouseNC0313.jpg (109356 bytes)

George at Cleveland County Courthouse, NC

081026GDChestnutKnob0286.jpg (84397 bytes)

George Hikes Chestnut Knob, NC

081026GDChestnutKnob0296.jpg (109612 bytes)

081022GDUpperFalls0268.jpg (113607 bytes)

George visits Upper Falls, NC

081019GDKingsMountain0236.jpg (96715 bytes)

George at King's Mountain Memorial

081019GDKingsMountain0242.jpg (70227 bytes)

081007GDRayTripleFalls0209.jpg (106649 bytes)

George visits Triple Falls with Ray "SniperDoc" Schoenrock

080906GDCowpensBattlefieldMemorial0052.jpg (124028 bytes)

George visits the Cowpens Battlefield Memorial Monument

080906GDScruggsCabin0045.jpg (67743 bytes)

George visits Scruggs Cabin

080902GDHighShoalsFalls0027.jpg (97942 bytes)

George visits High Shoals Falls at South Mountains, NC

080830GDSallyMillerCarolJudyTripleFalls0005Crop.jpg (137949 bytes)

George visits Triple Falls with friends Sally Miller, Karol and Judy

080818GDKingsPinnacle9962.jpg (96079 bytes)

George Hikes King's Pinnacle, NC

080818GDKingsPinnacle9959.jpg (61001 bytes)

080817GDApples9917.jpg (124042 bytes)

Harvest Time at the George Dorunda Apple Orchard

080815GDCrowdersMountainNC9886.jpg (140175 bytes)

George Hikes Crowders Mountain, NC

080815GDCrowdersMountainNC9892.jpg (124483 bytes)

080815GDCrowdersMountainNC9895.jpg (107902 bytes)

080809GDSniperDoc9852Crop.jpg (137684 bytes)

George visits with Ray "SniperDoc" Schoenrock

080728GDStoneMountainNC9750.jpg (109680 bytes)

George Hikes Stone Mountain, NC

080728GDStoneMountainNC9766.jpg (110086 bytes)

080720GDDevilsKitchen9736.jpg (86702 bytes)

George visits Devil's Kitchen, SC

080712GDTomKostek9639.jpg (94748 bytes)

George with friend and musician Tom Kostek

080711GDRickGiovannisCrew9607.jpg (84983 bytes)

Rick Frattesi and the Giovanni's crew prepare a special Giovanni's Mega-Star Pizza for George

080710GDRickGiovannis9593Crop.jpg (85885 bytes)

080709GDBillKoszewski9587.jpg (80113 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visiting with Bill Koszewski

080707GDAlLehmann9554.jpg (68157 bytes)

George with Al Lehmann - The Special Sauce

080707GDAlNobleJohnDumont9541Crop.jpg (81207 bytes)

George with Grammy Award Winning Al Noble and John Dumont

080707GDBillKoszewski9547.jpg (67844 bytes)

George with Bill Koszewski

080707GDBillKoszewskiJoePereira9542Crop.jpg (89847 bytes)

George with Bill Koszewski and Joe Pereira

080707GDFrankKnight9503Crop.jpg (74586 bytes)

George with Frank Knight

080707GDFrankKnightPhilD9532Crop.jpg (74645 bytes)

George with Frank Knight and Radio Legend Phil D

080707GDFrankKnightPhilD9533Crop.jpg (66618 bytes)

George with Frank Knight and Phil D

080707GDJoeBaptiste9544.jpg (62594 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste

080707GDJoeBaptisteMikeWiater9469.jpg (76991 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste and Mike Wiater

080707GDJoePereiraLynnBarsalou9506.jpg (64538 bytes)

George with Joe Pereira and Lynn Barsalou

080707GDKenKostek9546.jpg (66228 bytes)

George with Ken Kostek

080707GDKenMorey9512.jpg (85268 bytes)

George with The Lone Arranger Ken Morey - Last Supper 3

080707GDLynnBarsalou9474Crop.jpg (73481 bytes)

George with Singer/Songwriter Lynn Barsalou

080707GDLynnBarsalou9548.jpg (78632 bytes)

George helps Lynn Barsalou select an appropriate beverage.

080707GDMichaelLevreaultLynnBarsalou9495Crop.jpg (69512 bytes)

George with Michael Levreault and Lynn Barsalou

080707GDMitchKupiecErnieDaigle9470.jpg (77720 bytes)

George with Mitch Kupiec and Ernie Daigle

080707GDRichieKmon9528.jpg (71708 bytes)

George with Richie Kmon

080707GDTomTisdell9555.jpg (71762 bytes)

George with Tom Tisdell

080706GDBobbyLiswellChicopeeFestOfAllStaff9438Crop.jpg (87244 bytes)

George with Scott Chapdelaine, Bobby Liswell and the Chicopee Fest Of All Staff

080706GDDannyLopes9440Crop.jpg (56576 bytes)

George with Danny Lopes of The Crescents - The Two Leaders of the Headline Reunion Bands at the Chicopee Fest Of All 2008

080706GDDougDoogansDeli9415Crop.jpg (94295 bytes)

George cooks with Doug from Doogan's Deli, Chicopee, MA

080706GDJoeWagner9366Crop.jpg (108502 bytes)

George with Representative Joe Wagner

080706GDBonnieJimJanik9387Crop.jpg (84783 bytes)

George with Jim and Bonnie Janik

080706GDJoePereira9375Crop.jpg (113131 bytes)

George with friend and musician Joe Pereira

080705GDBobThivierge9364Crop.jpg (76688 bytes)

George enjoys a visit and lunch with Bob Thivierge

080704GDEntertainers9359Crop.jpg (95638 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste and Carl Sittard

The Entertainers reunion concert at the Chicopee Fest Of All, Szot Park, Chicopee, MA, July 4th 2008

080703GDRickGiovannis9336Crop.jpg (96698 bytes)

Rick Frattesi prepares a special Giovanni's Mega-Star Pizza for George

080621GDKathyDanMurphy0002.jpg (131435 bytes)

George visits with Kathy and Dan Murphy

080610GDDadSCMountains9196.jpg (81266 bytes)

George and George Sr. in the South Carolina mountains.

080605GDDadMountMitchell9137.jpg (71550 bytes)

George and George Sr. on Mount Mitchell which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.

080602GDMattChetGiovannis9118Crop.jpg (79395 bytes)

George visits with Chet Motyka and Matt Lucier

080602GDTVPromo9116Crop.jpg (58973 bytes)

George records a TV promo

080601GDGoChiPanRichieMidura9115.jpg (102737 bytes)

George visits with GoChi Pan Richie Midura

080531GDKaveney9066Crop.jpg (89923 bytes)

George and Jim Kaveney entertain the crowd.

080530GDJimJanikJasonFoisyTeamGoChi9054Crop.jpg (135146 bytes)

George with Jim Janik and Jason Foisy - Team GoChi

080530GDMaryArtGilmore9048Crop.jpg (82486 bytes)

George visits Mary and Art Gilmore

080517GDHighFalls9022.jpg (91089 bytes)

George visits High Falls at DuPont State Forest, NC

080420GDRayCarmenSchoenrockLunch8954Crop.jpg (86072 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visiting with Ray "SniperDoc" and Carmen Schoenrock at the famous China Sea Restaurant, Hendersonville, NC

080413GDKingsMountainBattlefieldMemorial8949.jpg (105129 bytes)

George at King's Mountain Memorial

080327GDJimMyersGeorgeSteele8810Crop.jpg (77375 bytes)

George with Jim Myers - AKA Former Professional Wrestler, George "The Animal" Steele

080311GDAlNyeDJ9722Crop.jpg (88358 bytes)

George with Al Nye (2007 TECH NET Professional/ASE Master Automobile Technician of the Year) & DJ

Al's Family Auto & Air, Ocala, FL

080221GDEddieForman8659Crop.jpg (67609 bytes)

George and Eddie Forman

080130GDChetDragonMaryLouPrincessLunch8496Crop.jpg (89959 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visiting with Chet and Mary Lou Dragon

080124GDMikeZundell8491Crop.jpg (67491 bytes)

George & Mike Zundel


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