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091219GDSnow0293.jpg (144888 bytes)

George has snow in South Carolina. Global Warming strikes again!

091219GDSnow0283.jpg (103807 bytes)

09GDChristmasCard.jpg (135910 bytes)

Wishing You a Mega-Festive Mega-Star Christmas!

091201GDVenisonFilet0266.jpg (75206 bytes)

George Ready to Enjoy a Venison Filet

091128GDBigRockNC22972.jpg (73520 bytes)

George Hikes Big Rock, NC

091128GDTripleFallsNC2937.jpg (80279 bytes)

George visits Triple Falls, NC

091128GDHendersonvilleNCChristmasFireHydrant2918Crop.jpg (93359 bytes)

George visits The Official Christmas Fire Hydrant, Hendersonville, NC

091119GDDadCarrabbas2879.jpg (90338 bytes)

George and Dad Enjoy Dinner At Carrabbas

091119GDDadPendletonSC2874.jpg (107533 bytes)

George and Dad visit Pendleton, SC

091119GDDadLakeHartwellSC2865.jpg (59075 bytes)

George and Dad visit Lake Hartwell, SC

091117GDDadAshevilleNC2855.jpg (73440 bytes)

George and Dad visit Asheville, NC

091117GDDadAshevilleNC2858.jpg (102438 bytes)

091117GDGongBell2846.jpg (107233 bytes)

George Performs On The Traditional Japanese Gong Bell

091115GDDadNCAirMuseum2797.jpg (79457 bytes)

George and Dad visit Western NC Air Museum, NC

091115GDDadCaesarsHeadSC2787.jpg (54596 bytes)

George and Dad visit Caesar's Head, SC

091114GDDadPilotMountainNC2726.jpg (60514 bytes)

George and Dad visit Pilot Mountain, NC

091114GDDadAndyGriffithStatue2703.jpg (120625 bytes)

George and Dad visit Mayberry/Mount Airy, NC

091114GDDadWallysServiceStationMayberryNC2708.jpg (92161 bytes)

091113GDDadLakeLureNC2691.jpg (80504 bytes)

George and Dad visit Lake Lure, NC

091112GDDadSouthMountainNC2683.jpg (112613 bytes)

George and Dad visit South Mountain, NC

091106GDBalloonsOverAndersonSC2603.jpg (66721 bytes)

George attends Balloons Over Anderson, SC

091018GDClemsonU2429.jpg (122902 bytes)

George visits Clemson University, SC

091018GDClemsonU2431.jpg (127133 bytes)

091018GDGeorgiaGuidestones2394.jpg (65609 bytes)

George visits the Georgia Guidestones

091008GDApples2320.jpg (74727 bytes)

George checks out his supply of fresh apples.

091008GDHighFalls2298.jpg (98118 bytes)

George visits High Falls, NC

091008GDHighFalls2311.jpg (89483 bytes)

090930GDClingmansDomeNCTN2253.jpg (56124 bytes)

George Hikes Clingmans Dome, NC/TN

090930GDClingmansDomeNCTN2265.jpg (91058 bytes)

090930GDClingmansDomeNCTN2272.jpg (60350 bytes)

090930GDBlueRidgeParkway2206.jpg (83199 bytes)

George at the Highest Elevation Point of the Blue Ridge Parkway

090930GDHalloweenChimneyRockNC2175.jpg (142280 bytes)

George Celebrates Halloween at Chimney Rock, NC

090916GDDaleRandyBurns2149.jpg (86005 bytes)

George visits with friends Dale and Randy "The Mechanical Man" Burns

090916GDBobLiswellAndyYee2145.jpg (74575 bytes)

George visits with Bob Liswell and Andy Yee

090916GDCSCTVStudio2144.jpg (89912 bytes)

George checks out the new CSC-TV Studio, Chicopee, MA

090914GDDonFarleyFrankKnightJohnDumont2113.jpg (65608 bytes)

George with friends Dr. Don Farley, Frank Knight and John Dumont

090914GDJoeBaptisteRichieMidura2122.jpg (64555 bytes)

George with friends and musicians Joe Baptiste and Richie Midura

090914GDMarkHines2097.jpg (68051 bytes)

George with friend and musician Mark Hines

090914GDTomStanko2099.jpg (57696 bytes)

George with cousin and musician Tom Stanko

090914GDKenKostek2127.jpg (60450 bytes)

George with friend and photographer Ken Kostek

090914GDWallySzczukaRichieKmon2121.jpg (71175 bytes)

George with friends and musicians Wally Szczuka and Richie Kmon

090914GDMichaelLevreaultLynnBarsalou2119.jpg (66762 bytes)

George with friends Michael Levreault and singer/songwriter Lynn Barsalou

090913GDLeoMurawski2069Crop.jpg (71026 bytes)

George with friend and musician Leo Murawski

090913GDBillSittard2073Crop.jpg (86487 bytes)

George with friend and musician Bill Sittard

090911GDJoeElliott2052Crop.jpg (87544 bytes)

George with friend and musician Joe Elliott

090910GDRickGiovannis2029.jpg (75138 bytes)

George visits with Rick and enjoys traditional Giovanni's Pizza, Chicopee, MA

090905GDLakeLure1997.jpg (52555 bytes)

George visits Lake Lure, NC

090905GDHendersonvilleAppleValleyRailroadMuseum1978.jpg (70828 bytes)

George visits Apple Valley Railroad Museum, Hendersonville, NC

090905GDTrain1987.jpg (68995 bytes)

090905GDTrain1991.jpg (82432 bytes)

090630GDKingsPinnacle1582.jpg (81753 bytes)

George Hikes King's Pinnacle, NC

090621GDRainbowFalls1483.jpg (73843 bytes)

George visits Rainbow Falls, NC

090621GDRainbowFalls1496.jpg (100151 bytes)

090619GDChi3Energy1421.jpg (66183 bytes)

George Checks Out His Supply of Chi3 Energy

090529GDDadMountMitchell1191Crop.jpg (130687 bytes)

George and Dad on Mount Mitchell which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River

090529GDDadHookerFallsNC1183.jpg (85918 bytes)

George and Dad visit Hooker Falls, NC

090525GDDadFallsPark1123.jpg (116836 bytes)

George and Dad visit Falls Park, Greenville, SC

090525GDDadLibertyBridge1115Crop.jpg (77493 bytes)

George and Dad visit Liberty Bridge, Greenville, SC

090525GDDadFountainGreenvilleSC1155.jpg (86910 bytes)

George and Dad visit Greenville, SC

090514GDDougGirouardFrankKnightDoogans0203Crop.jpg (96510 bytes)

George visits with Doug Girouard and Frank Knight at Doogan's Deli, Chicopee, MA

090513GDGeorgeBaker0860Crop.jpg (125256 bytes)

George visits with friend and musician George Baker

090427GDCourthouseFalls0803.jpg (109060 bytes)

George visits Courthouse Falls, NC

090427GDSniperDocDevilsCourthouse0777.jpg (94158 bytes)

George and SniperDoc Ray Schoenrock hike Devil's Courthouse, NC

090427GDSniperDocDevilsCourthouse0778.jpg (53912 bytes)

090427GDSniperDocLowerGraveyardFalls0770.jpg (157143 bytes)

George and SniperDoc Ray Schoenrock Visit Lower Graveyard Falls, NC

090411GDTwinFallsSC0635.jpg (100888 bytes)

George visits Twin Falls, SC

090409GDHighShoalsFallsNC0610.jpg (71927 bytes)

George visits High Shoals Falls at South Mountains, NC

090405GDDevilsCourthouseNC0591.jpg (54958 bytes)

George hikes to the peak of Devil's Courthouse, NC

090311GDGoChiCrowdersMountain0498Crop.jpg (131732 bytes)

George Hikes Crowders Mountain, NC Powered by GoChi

090208GDTripleFallsIce0155.jpg (104202 bytes)

George hikes to the still iced over Triple Falls, NC

090120GDSnowTruck0112.jpg (110522 bytes)

George has snow in South Carolina. Global Warming strikes again!


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