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10GDChristmasCard.jpg (140658 bytes)

Have an Overly Mega-Festive Mega-Star Christmas!

101111GDJustinEditMoreGuitar4246.jpg (79877 bytes)

George and Justin Rollins Mixing The Oversaken Hits. Justin still wants more guitar.

101111GDJustinEdit4250.jpg (75806 bytes)

George and Justin Rollins Mixing The Oversaken Hits. Justin got more guitar. He's a happy camper!

100922GDBeforeAfter.jpg (95169 bytes)

George Before & After - 108 Pounds Total Weight Loss

100922GDCowboyGlazeWeldonShirey7362Crop.jpg (89711 bytes)

George Meets with Cowboy Doug Glaze and Weldon Shirey

100830GDMelikian7190.jpg (89072 bytes)

George Enjoys Dinner with Consigliere and Business Agent  Dick Melikian

100829GDMitchKupiecFredBrozek7180.jpg (67553 bytes)

George On The Air with Mitch Kupiec and Fred Brozek

100829GDPoliskyKaren3806Crop.jpg (102889 bytes)

George visits with Dennis Polisky and Karen Olszewski

100829GDSandyMidura3817Crop.jpg (100681 bytes)

George visits with Sandy Villiard and Richie Midura

100829GDCarlSittardGoChi3796.jpg (82583 bytes)

George has a GoChi Toast with Carl Sittard

100825GDDougGirouardDoogans7138.jpg (69250 bytes)

George and Doug Girouard, who did an extra special job preparing the Mega-Star's Favorite, at Doogan's, Chicopee, MA

100824GDSofiasHadleyMA7129.jpg (83751 bytes)

George Ready to have Lunch at Sofia's, Hadley, MA

100810GDGolfEagle7063Crop.jpg (107664 bytes)

George gets his first Eagle EVER. Chipped in from the fairway on a par 4 at Cherokee National, Gaffney, SC. It's awesome to be living the Freelife of a Mega-Star!

100809GDDevilsCourthouseNC7042.jpg (49648 bytes)

George Hikes Devil's Courthouse, NC

100726GDSniperDocCarmenTwinDragonsNC6940.jpg (89790 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visits with SniperDoc Ray and Carmen Schoenrock at the Twin Dragons, Brevard, NC

100715GDJustinRollins3741Crop.jpg (80749 bytes)

George and Justin Rollins work on Project Oversaken

100609GDDadMountMitchellNC6677.jpg (56785 bytes)

George and Dad on Mount Mitchell which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River

100609GDDadHighFallsNC6663.jpg (120349 bytes)

George & Dad visit High Falls, NC

100609GDDadTripleFallsNC6658Crop.jpg (120512 bytes)

George & Dad visit Triple Falls, NC

100607GDMingoFallsNC6638.jpg (157145 bytes)

George visits Mingo Falls, NC

100607GDDadBlueRidgeParkwayHighPoint6630.jpg (74094 bytes)

George & Dad at the Highest Elevation Point of the Blue Ridge Parkway

100605GD57Chevy6595.jpg (82681 bytes)

George Checks Out the 57 Chevy at the WNC Air & Car Show, Hendersonville, NC

100605GDDadFordModelT6584.jpg (95890 bytes)

George & Dad Check Out the Ford Model T at the WNC Air & Car Show, Hendersonville, NC

100531GDTerrySkwira3539Crop.jpg (87279 bytes)

George with Terry Skwira

100531GDPaulMargaretJoeBrozek3541Crop.jpg (101485 bytes)

George with Musician Paul Brozek, Margaret Brozek and Upcoming Musician Joe Brozek

100531GDMichaelRiel3542.jpg (88137 bytes)

George with Michael Riel

100530GDMiduraDennisBand3508.jpg (93969 bytes)

George with Richie Midura and Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men

100530GDDennisPoliskySandyVilliard3528.jpg (83820 bytes)

George with Dennis Polisky and Mega-Star fan Sandy Villiard

100530GDRichBernier3531.jpg (80134 bytes)

George with Musician Rich Bernier

100527GDAlLehmann3359.jpg (67323 bytes)

George with Broadcaster Al Lehmann

100527GDBaptisteKmonMelikian3379.jpg (70892 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste, Richie Kmon and Dick Melikian

100527GDMelikian3369.jpg (70722 bytes)

George with Consigliere and Business Agent  Dick Melikian

100527GDSittard3374.jpg (63726 bytes)

George with Friend and Drummer Carl Sittard

100527GDSteveTracyBarbaraBenard3356.jpg (76269 bytes)

George with Broadcaster Steve Tracy and Broadcaster and Columnist Barbara Benard

100527GDTimKerigan3390.jpg (54392 bytes)

George with Mega-Star in Training Tim Kerigan

100527GDTomBurke3354.jpg (67178 bytes)

George with Wrestling Promoter Tom Burke

100527GDDumont3361.jpg (65775 bytes)

George with John Dumont

100527GDFrankKnight3360.jpg (67501 bytes)

George with Broadcaster FrankKnight

100527GDKupiec3382.jpg (72153 bytes)

George with Broadcaster Mitch Kupiec

100527GDMidura3364.jpg (76242 bytes)

George with Musician and Good Friend Richie Midura

100527GDTomStanko3355.jpg (71670 bytes)

George with cousin and musician Tom Stanko

100527GDMikeLevreault3362.jpg (70953 bytes)

George with Friend and Artist Michael Levreault

100527GDTomTisdell3376.jpg (73394 bytes)

George with Jazz Giant Tom Tisdell

100527GDKenMoreyGeriDurand3388.jpg (95077 bytes)

George with The Lone Arranger Ken Morey and Vocalist Geri Durand

100527GDKedziorKoszewski3373.jpg (84928 bytes)

George with Ed KEdzior and Bill Koszewski

100527GDGeriDurand3385.jpg (88734 bytes)

George with Geri Durand

100527GDDickPariseau3377.jpg (58257 bytes)

George with Friend Dick Pariseau

100525GDThiviergeKaveney6548.jpg (93295 bytes)

George enjoys lunch and visits with Bob Thivierge and Jim Kaveney

100517GDDanDeweyDeVaughn6516Crop.jpg (86601 bytes)

George visits with Dan Dewey and DeVaughn Slone

100516GDSniperDocRayCarmen3268.jpg (82948 bytes)

George visits with SniperDoc Ray & Carmen Schoenrock

100429GDLookingGlassRockNC6384.jpg (70805 bytes)

George Hikes Looking Glass Rock, NC

100428GDCrowdersMountainNC6352.jpg (113685 bytes)

George Hikes Crowders Mountain, NC

100415GDHighShoalsFallsNC6224.jpg (101046 bytes)

George visits High Shoals Falls, NC

100412GDKingsPinnacleNC6168.jpg (89829 bytes)

George Hikes King's Pinnacle, NC

100406GDSlickRockFallsNC6121.jpg (115753 bytes)

George visits Slick Rock Falls, NC

100406GDMooreCoveFallsNC6117.jpg (142555 bytes)

George visits Moore Cove Falls, NC

100406GDDanielRidgeFallsNC6108.jpg (139612 bytes)

George visits Daniel Ridge Falls, NC

100401GDBigRockNC6059.jpg (68482 bytes)

George hikes Big Rock, NC

100401GDTripleFallsNC6049.jpg (97208 bytes)

George visits Triple Falls, NC

100130GDSnow0370.jpg (119705 bytes)

George has snow in South Carolina. Global Warming strikes again!

100130GDSnow0375.jpg (95902 bytes)

100118GDTripleFalls3056.jpg (72798 bytes)

George visits Triple Falls, NC


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