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Just Look At The Wonderful, Colorful Images And Enjoy!

13GDChristmasCard.jpg (139531 bytes)

Have a Magical, Festive Mega-Star Christmas

131127GDDaytonaBeachFL153302.jpg (82362 bytes)

George - Christmas at Daytona Beach FL

131127GDPortOrangeFL120407.jpg (89883 bytes)

George at Port Orange FL

131126GDJimMyersAnimalBook131927Crop.jpg (80021 bytes)

Jim (George Steele) is ready for George to do a book report on his new book "Animal". Visit to order your copy.

131104GDPhilJoanneGalvestonIslandTX8793.jpg (63727 bytes)

George with Phil and Cousin Joanne in Galveston Island TX

131104GDJoanneDorunda7352.jpg (58462 bytes)

George visiting with cousin Joanne

131104GDHoustonAstroDomeTX8807.jpg (47716 bytes)

George at the Houston Astrodome, which soon will be no more.

131103GDJoAnneDorundaPhil191846.jpg (91835 bytes)

George having dinner with cousin Joanne and Phil

131102GDRoswellNMGD8734.jpg (88666 bytes)

George in Roswell NM

131102GDMailboxRoswellNM9164.jpg (99228 bytes)

George mailing an emergency letter to the space aliens from Roswell NM - hopefully they'll take over Washington DC.

131102GDCarlsbadCavernsNM8775.jpg (68769 bytes)

George at Carlsbad Caverns

131102GDCarlsbadCavernsNM8758.jpg (67346 bytes)

131102GDCarlsbadCavernsNM8756.jpg (74187 bytes)

131102GDCarlsbadCavernsNM8750.jpg (80646 bytes)

131102GDCarlsbadCavernsNM8738.jpg (69062 bytes)

131101GDWhiteSandsNM9150.jpg (68656 bytes)

George at White Sands NM

131101GDWhiteSandsNM9141.jpg (61950 bytes)

131101GDTexasCanyonAZ9139.jpg (80720 bytes)

George hiking in Texas Canyon

131031GDTombstoneAZ8698.jpg (72107 bytes)

George at The OK Corral, Tombstone AZ

131031GDTombstoneAZ8691.jpg (77389 bytes)

George in Tombstone AZ

131031GDTombstoneAZ8683.jpg (90345 bytes)

131031GDTombstoneAZ8680.jpg (59352 bytes)

George at the original Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone AZ

131031GDStageCoachTombstoneAZ8670.jpg (77560 bytes)

George ready to catch the stage in Tombstone AZ

131031GDBootHillTombstoneAZ8721.jpg (83393 bytes)

George at Boot Hill, Tombstone AZ

131030GDTusconAZ9135.jpg (95741 bytes)

George Hiking in the Arizona Desert

131030GDMikeStankoTusconAZ8662.jpg (81145 bytes)

George visiting with cousin Mike Stanko in AZ

131030GDMikeMariaStankoTusconAZ8660.jpg (70683 bytes)

George visiting with cousin Mike Stanko and his wife Maria in AZ

131029GDLondonBridgeLakeHavasuAZ8618.jpg (67770 bytes)

George at London Bridge Lake Havasu AZ

131029GDLondonBridgeLakeHavasuAZ8611.jpg (57446 bytes)

131029GDAZ9125.jpg (80195 bytes)

George hiking in Arizona

131028GDMillionDollarsLasVegasNV9105.jpg (111589 bytes)

George gets his hands on a million in Vegas

131028GDLunchOrleansLasVegasNV9065.jpg (83681 bytes)

George having Mexican chicken with bacon. Everything tastes better with bacon.

131028GDLasVegasNV9116.jpg (110363 bytes)

George in Vegas. Which Back to the Future movie was this?

131028GDElvisLastCarLasVegasNV9108.jpg (60754 bytes)

George with The last car Elvis purchased in Vegas - a 1977 Lincoln

131028GDBellagioLasVegasNV9088.jpg (87741 bytes)

George in Vegas

131027GDRedRockCanyonNV9042.jpg (97914 bytes)

George hiking Red Rock Canyon

131027GDRedRockCanyonNV9036.jpg (81977 bytes)

131027GDRedRockCanyonNV9027.jpg (119004 bytes)

131027GDRedRockCanyonNV9026.jpg (116890 bytes)

131027GDMountCharlestonNV9019.jpg (102683 bytes)

George hiking Mount Charleston NV

131027GDCircusCircusLasVegasNV9049.jpg (66863 bytes)

George at Circus Circus in Vegas

131026GDValleyOfFireNV9015.jpg (89947 bytes)

George hiking in Valley of Fire NV

131026GDValleyOfFireNV9011.jpg (87736 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8998.jpg (84975 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8997.jpg (76225 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8986.jpg (81019 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8979.jpg (116105 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8977.jpg (113929 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV8970.jpg (102274 bytes)

131026GDValleyOfFireNV143141.jpg (99835 bytes)

131025GDVegasSignLasVegasNV8514.jpg (93404 bytes)

George in Vegas

131025GDTempDeathValleyCA8532.jpg (93426 bytes)

George ready to hike on a rather cool day in Death Valley

131025GDDevilsCornfieldDeathValleyCA8546.jpg (56846 bytes)

George hiking Devils Corn Field, Death Valley

131025GDDeathValleyCA8565.jpg (76051 bytes)

George in Death Valley

131025GDDeathValleyCA8564.jpg (98675 bytes)

George at 190 feet below sea level in Death Valley. That's more like it.

131025GDDeathValleyCA8560.jpg (72973 bytes)

131025GDDeathValleyCA8523.jpg (55434 bytes)

131024GDParisLasVegasNV8958.jpg (62269 bytes)

George in Vegas

131024GDLasVegasNV8940.jpg (57846 bytes)

131024GDHooverDamNV8922.jpg (71372 bytes)

George at Hoover Dam

131024GDHooverDamNV8907.jpg (81522 bytes)

131024GDNV8504.jpg (75055 bytes)

George crossing over into another timezone

131024GDSeligmanAZ8493.jpg (88951 bytes)

George visiting historic Seligman AZ

131023GDSedonaAZ8457.jpg (108622 bytes)

George hiking in Sedona AZ

131023GDSedonaAZ8451.jpg (93246 bytes)

131023GDMontezumaWellAZ8467.jpg (104458 bytes)

George at Montezuma's Well

131023GDMontezumaCastleAZ135932.jpg (149442 bytes)

George at Montezuma's Castle

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8418.jpg (85762 bytes)

George hiking the Grand Canyon

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8415.jpg (65099 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8403.jpg (80795 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8400.jpg (77537 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8395.jpg (70135 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8378.jpg (86802 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8364.jpg (90548 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8361.jpg (77984 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ8359.jpg (80362 bytes)

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ155003.jpg (94543 bytes)

George living on the edge at the Grand Canyon - don't push.

131022GDGrandCanyonAZ125953.jpg (103966 bytes)

George hiking down into the Grand Canyon

131022GDGoodLuckBellGrandCanyonAZ165001.jpg (111872 bytes)

George under the good luck bell at the Grand Canyon

131021GDPaintedDesertInnAZ8306.jpg (75061 bytes)

George at the Painted Desert Inn

131021GDPaintedDesertInnAZ8288.jpg (64602 bytes)

131021GDPaintedDesertAZ8343.jpg (85600 bytes)

George hiking Painted Desert AZ

131021GDPaintedDesertAZ8303.jpg (69134 bytes)

131021GDPaintedDesertAZ8285.jpg (77882 bytes)

131021GDContinentalDivideNM8266.jpg (92319 bytes)

George at the Continental Divide

131020GDTexasCross8232.jpg (53935 bytes)

George at The Giant Texas Cross - Everything is Bigger in Texas

131020GDCadillacRanchTX8247.jpg (72696 bytes)

George at Cadillac Ranch TX

131019GDMemphisBluesMuseumTN150314.jpg (88140 bytes)

George at the Memphis Blues/Rock Museum TN

131019GDBBKingTributeMemphisBluesMuseumTN143146.jpg (122595 bytes)

George at the BB King Tribute at the Memphis Blues/Rock Museum TN

131001GDLookingGlassFallsNC162425.jpg (109232 bytes)

The Mega-Star at Looking Glass Falls NC

130905GDBodieIslandLighthouseNC175427.jpg (85698 bytes)

The Mega-Star at the Bodie Island Lighthouse NC

130905GDCapeHatterasNC165751.jpg (47580 bytes)

The Mega-Star at Cape Hatteras NC

130905GDCapeHatterasLighthouseNC150247.jpg (96657 bytes)

The Mega-Star at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse NC

130905GDWrightBrothersMemorialNC111752.jpg (66633 bytes)

The Mega-Star at the Wright Brothers Memorial Monument NC

130904GDDadMurphy181013.jpg (108803 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with good friend and musician Dan Murphy

DadPoster130608.jpg (239323 bytes)

George & Dad

130512GDMitchKupiec225630.jpg (76807 bytes)

The Mega-Star live on the air with Mitch Kupiec

130512GDFredBrozek225544.jpg (72838 bytes)

The Mega-Star wreaking havoc on the radio airwaves with Fred Brozek

130511GDDennisPolisky200901.jpg (78976 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with good friend and musician Dennis Polisky

130510GDEdChouinard193108.jpg (87424 bytes)

The Mega-Star and The Rock Star - The Mega-Star and Ed Chouinard

130510GDBillKoszewski131402.jpg (88536 bytes)

The Mega-Star having lunch with a good friend and musician Bill Koszewski

130418GDKoszewski123656-1.jpg (58393 bytes)

The Mega-Star having lunch with a good friend and musician Bill Koszewski

130417GDMountHolyoke180252.jpg (92539 bytes)

The Mega-Star at Mount Holyoke, MA

130417GDDadTomStanko111240.jpg (80738 bytes)

The Mega-Star having lunch with dad and cousin Tom Stanko

130417GDBillGlenny195743-1.jpg (66030 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with legendary jazz musician Bill Glenny

130413GDMidura202127-1.jpg (53772 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with the legendary Richie Midura. Reminiscing about the many recordings and older musicians we've worked with through the years.

130412GDJoeBaptistePeterAnnone130444-1.jpg (77179 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Joe Baptiste and Peter Annone

130411GDDadJimMikeDorunda125637-1.jpg (80435 bytes)

The Mega-Star and dad visiting with cousins Jim and Mike Dorunda

130409GDQuabbin121910.jpg (80626 bytes)

The Mega-Star hiking Mount Holyoke, MA

130408GDBobSkibinskiJoePabtisteAlNoble7930.jpg (76115 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with musicians Bob Skibinski, Joe Baptiste and Al Noble

130408GDDickPariseau7915.jpg (77781 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Dick Pariseau

130408GDFrankKnight7917.jpg (84964 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Broadcast Legend Frank Knight

130408GDJohnDumontDonFarley7922.jpg (70705 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with John Dumont and Don Farley

130408GDPeterAnnoneMelikianKmon7926.jpg (86456 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with musicians Peter Annone, Consigliere Melikian and Richie Kmon

130408GDRichardBlakeTomBurke7904.jpg (62579 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with wrestling promoters Richard Blake and Tom Burke

130408GDRonCierpial7918.jpg (76390 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with musician Ron Cierpial

130408GDTracyCarman7935.jpg (66620 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Tracy Carman

130407GDMitchKupiec234050.jpg (74974 bytes)

The Mega-Star and Mitch Kupiec wreaking havoc live on the radio airwaves.

130407GDFredBrozek233616.jpg (78740 bytes)

The Mega-Star live on the air with Fred Brozek

130404GDQuabbin143352.jpg (51475 bytes)

The Mega-Star hiking Quabbin, MA

130404GDDay1Energy141556.jpg (170853 bytes)

Having a little Energy from Day 1

130404GDDadStellaDorunda100910-1.jpg (77895 bytes)

The Mega-Star and dad visiting with aunt Stella

George at Triple Falls NC



BannerEmail.jpg (22193 bytes)