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Just Look At The Wonderful, Colorful Images And Enjoy!

151230GDFordEscapeFL1048.jpg (163908 bytes)

George happy with his new toy.

151230GDFordEscapeFL1051.jpg (142599 bytes)

15GDChristmasCard.jpg (175807 bytes)

Have a Mega Florida festive Christmas! Looks like I sat on my Christmas tree again.

151215GDJimKaveneyHardRockFL1553a.jpg (165504 bytes)

George visiting with Jim Kaveney after lunch at the Hard Rock Casino, Tampa FL

151103GDCathyGoodmanEPCOTFL1524a.jpg (163342 bytes)

After 40 years, George and Cathy Goodman getting a little tired and hungry - in China. We need to do this reunion thing again before another 40 years pass. Ha!

151007GDAnimalKingdomFL1511.jpg (218918 bytes)

George out walking several miles at Animal Kingdom FL

151003GDRobinWallySzczukaDisneyFL1619.jpg (160368 bytes)

George visiting with Robin and Wally Szczuka on the beach at the Beach Club - Yes, this looks very picturesque...

150726GDTomStankoCindyDisneyFL1546.jpg (149678 bytes)

George with Cousin Tom & Cindy Stanko having a great time at Disney

150724GDTomStankoCindyRainforestFL1409.jpg (114396 bytes)

George having lunch with Tom & Cindy Stanko. Cindy is enjoying her drink while George & Tom wreak havoc over the Tiger Steak.

150724GDTomStankoCindyRapidsAnimalKingdomFL1250a.jpg (213974 bytes)

George with Tom & Cindy Stanko after riding the River Rapids - Tom got on the boat, and then decided not to ride, leaving George & Cindy to get soaked.

150724GDTomStankoCindyAnimalKingdomFL1107.jpg (190655 bytes)

George with Cousin Tom & Cindy Stanko at Animal Kingdom

150722GDTomStankoMariachiCobreEPCOTFL1141.jpg (156322 bytes)

George and cousin Tom Stanko getting serenaded by the Mariachi Cobre

150722GDTomStankoEPCOTFL1111a.jpg (135723 bytes)

George at EPCOT with cousin Tom Stanko

150722GDTomCindyStankoEPCOTFL1329a.jpg (141668 bytes)

George enjoying a German lunch with Tom and Cindy Stanko

150722GDTomCindyStankoEPCOTFL1103.jpg (172563 bytes)

George having fun at EPCOT with Tom and Cindy Stanko

150715GDJimMyersFL1542.jpg (126649 bytes)

George enjoying a visit with Jim Myers - AKA George "The Animal" Steele - after having a "Blastoff" lunch on the Florida coast.

150710GDSandyTalbot2054a.jpg (155694 bytes)

George visiting with good friend Sandy Talbot

150703GDKaterinaNikRainforestDisneyFL1250.jpg (117219 bytes)

George having lunch at the Rainforest with Katerina and Nik

150703GDKaterinaNikDisneyFL1040a.jpg (298915 bytes)

George hopping around Disney with Katerina and Nik

150702GDNikMariachiCobreEPCOTFL8851.jpg (229041 bytes)

George and Nik enjoying the sounds of the Mariachi Cobre

150702GDNikKaterinaEPCOTFL1422a.jpg (149568 bytes)\

George stopping in Italy with Nik and Katerina - walking around the world

150702GDNikKaterinaEPCOTFL1304a.jpg (124541 bytes)

George with Nik and Katerina at Disney

150702GDNikEPCOTFL6232.jpg (247306 bytes)

George and cousin Nik - visiting from the Czech Republic - ready for lunch in Germany

150612GDWifeStarWarsWeekendDisneyFL1358.jpg (100326 bytes)

George runs into his ex-wife? Was the radio antenna through the head just one of the old LIVE radio remotes gone awry? Ha!

150530GDDonKarenLaBonteStarWarsStormTrooperDisneyFL1313a.jpg (202439 bytes)

George captures a Storm Trooper with a little assistance from Don & Karen LaBonte

150528GDJimKaveneyHardRockCasinoTampaFL1509Crop.jpg (180898 bytes)

George and Jim Kaveney after a nice lunch and visit at the Hard Rock Casino Tampa FL

150525GDFrankGoodmanDisneyFL1355.jpg (143593 bytes)

George has the pleasure of sharing the special magical chairs and having an enjoyable visit with King of the Disney Junkies Frank Goodman - AKA Retired Professional Wrestler The Masked Maniac.

150510GDEPCOTFL1348b.jpg (262738 bytes)

George taking a break over the weekend at the Flower and Garden Festival

150507GDHollywoodStudiosFL1458.jpg (206244 bytes)

George after conquering the Tower of Terror

150503GDMissionSpaceEPCOTFL1328a.jpg (187630 bytes)

George - a quick stop at Mission Space for a flight to Pluto. Did the government demote that planet?

150503GDEPCOTFL1617.jpg (212584 bytes)

George and his "Angry Plants." Are these the plants you need to eat when you get angry?

150430GDAnimalKingdomFL1709.jpg (251020 bytes)

George having another great day at Animal Kingdom

150430GDAnimalKingdomFL1528.jpg (233086 bytes)

George visiting with Carmino's Cousin at Animal Kingdom

150430GDAnimalKingdomFL1249.jpg (179751 bytes)

George: "We're gonna need a bigger truck."

150426GDEPCOTFL1652a.jpg (147928 bytes)

George in Italy at EPCOT

150426GDEPCOTFL1647.jpg (135324 bytes)

George out walking around the world at EPCOT

150426GDDisney1501.jpg (140249 bytes)

George - Another nice afternoon enjoying the magic.

150328GDDonKarenLaBonteLunchDisneyFL152629.jpg (128796 bytes)

George having lunch in Florida at Disney with good friends Don and Karen LaBonte

150327GDJudySallyDamDinerFL135750.jpg (154230 bytes)

George having lunch at Florida's Famous Dam Diner with good friends Judy and Sally

150216GDJimKaveneyDamDiner130722.jpg (170099 bytes)

George and Jim Kaveney after lunch ar the famous Dam Diner, Ocklawaha Florida

150215GDSallyJudyDamDinerFL153219.jpg (162777 bytes)

George with Sally and Judy ready to have lunch at the Dam Diner Ocklawaha Florida

150103GDLabontesDisney0423.jpg (126475 bytes)

George at Disney with Don and Karen LaBonte

150103GDLabontesDisney0408.jpg (150388 bytes)

George exploring Disney treasure with good friends Don and Karen LaBonte

150102GDEustisFL0356.jpg (127671 bytes)

George Lakeside in Eustis Florida

150102GDEustisFL0353.jpg (96314 bytes)


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