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Just Look At The Wonderful, Colorful Images And Enjoy!

George Frozen for Christmas

George Practicing a few more Magic Spells for Christmas

George – Christmas at Disney

George at Disney Springs

George Happy to be Spending Christmas in Florida at EPCOT

George Wreaking Havoc while Helping with the Christmas Decorations in Italy

George Singing “I’ll be Framed for Christmas” – It’s just like a Festival!

George Creating a Little Extra Christmas Magic at EPCOT

George at Disney - where Flying Characters Magically Help Adjust my Hairpiece

George – Christmas at EPCOT

George – Christmas in Italy

George – Christmas at EPCOT

George Having an Inside Out Christmas at EPCOT

George Framed with the Animals for Christmas

George – Christmas at Animal Kingdom

George – Christmas at Animal Kingdom

George and DeVaughn Slone Visiting after a Chinese Lunch in Gainesville FL

George Performing a Little Extra Christmas Magic at Disney

Have a Magical Mega-Star Christmas

George – Christmas Havoc at EPCOT

George – Another Great Day at EPCOT

George Visiting with the Night Stalking Snowman

George – Thanksgiving at EPCOT

George Ready for Thanksgiving at Hollywood Studios Florida

George - Christmas at Disney

George Wreaking Havoc in France at EPCOT. So Much Fun!

George Having Another Great Day at Animal Kingdom

George and Jim Kaveney after Lunch in Tampa

George Getting a Little Extra Night Magic at EPCOT

George Having another Great Day at EPCOT

George Walking at Melbourne Beach Florida after Lunch with Marylou Dragon

George Ready to Have Lunch with Good Friend Bill Koszewski

George Visiting with Uncle Fran and Aunt Jo Dorunda

George visiting with Jim and Bonnie Janik after Lunch at the Copperline

George at the Big Anniversary Event with Cousins Cindy & Tom Stanko, Irene & Richard Parenteau, and Shirley & Bill White

George with the Only Remaining Cousins with the Youth and Stamina to Finish the Party. Must have been past their bedtime…

George Performing at the Big Event in Massachusetts

George Having a little Fun at the Party with Brenda and Irene

George with Allison and Jozef - Jozef is Catching on to the Mega-Star Picture Pose

George Having a Great Day at Quabbin with Cousin Mike Skwisz

George and Cousin Mike Skwisz Getting in a Little Target Practice in MA

George Visiting with Good Friend and IPA Hall of Famer Richie Midura

George Visiting with John Dumont and Jan Lessin after a Great Lunch at Doogan's

George Visiting with James Gamble after Lunch on the Florida Coast – Destination Reunion after 41 Years

George (still attempting to play bass 11 years later) under the tutelage of the Amazing Jerry Bravo. Nice reunion/visit after several years!

George with Cousin Tom @stankotom and Cindy at Hollywood Studios Florida

George enjoying another great day at Animal Kingdom

George – Living in America

George ready for Date Night in China

160616GDDeVaughnSloneFL1414.jpg (106217 bytes)

George visiting after a nice lunch with good friend DeVaughn Slone

160602GDAnimalKingdonFL5249.jpg (109451 bytes)

George wreaking a little special havoc on the wild side at Animal Kingdom

160526GDFlaglerBeachFL1543.jpg (117790 bytes)

George ready to head home after a great day beachside…

160524GDDisneyFL0541.jpg (287795 bytes)

George having another Magical Day at Disney on a beautiful Florida afternoon.

160510GDJimKaveneyFL1443.jpg (186922 bytes)

George and Jim Kaveney after lunch in Florida at @SmokinAces_BBQ - maybe gator tail will be available next time…

160505GDAnimalKingdomFL2964.jpg (232536 bytes)

George performing a little Mega-Star magic of his own at Animal Kingdom FL

160430GDEPCOTFL8768.jpg (132496 bytes)

George getting in the picture at the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

160430GDEPCOTFL6259.jpg (143166 bytes)

160421GDTomStankoCindyJoeJessDisneyFL3006.jpg (251535 bytes)

George having another magical day at Hollywood Studios with Cousin Tom Stanko, Joey, Cindy and Jess Joey getting into the act...

160421GDJoeDisneyFL1528a.jpg (148772 bytes)

George's new look? Joey thinks I need a new hairpiece.

160419GDEPCOTFL4617.jpg (264364 bytes)

George and Donald negotiating an even better deal at EPCOT

160419GDTomStankoEPCOTFL2190.jpg (212477 bytes)

George having an extra magical day at EPCOT with cousin Tom Stanko, Joey, Cindy and Jess

160417GDEPCOTFL3145.jpg (291439 bytes)

George trying to control the Crazy Crew at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

160323GDMarylouDragonMelbourneBeachFL1418a.jpg (120288 bytes)

George walking a few miles at Melbourne Beach FL with Marylou Dragon after going out for a nice lunch on the coast.

160314GDAnimalKingdomFL1683.jpg (112951 bytes)

George walking several miles deep in the jungle at Animal Kingdom FL

160314GDAnimalKingdomFL2001.jpg (187472 bytes)

George having too much fun wreaking havoc on the poor Yeti…

160314GDAnimalKingdomFL3724.jpg (286759 bytes)

George: Say hello to my new little friend - at Animal Kingdom FL

160217GDAnimalKingdomFL3714.jpg (249976 bytes)

George having another great day at Animal Kingdom FL

160217GDAnimalKingdomFL3713.jpg (180245 bytes)

160122GDJimMyersFL1552.jpg (132973 bytes)

George checking out Jim's @georgesteele Special Hot Sauce made with Jack's hot peppers.

160121GDJeffBolowJimKaveneyCarrabbasFL1510.jpg (121517 bytes)

George visiting with Jeff Bolow and Jim Kaveney after a good lunch at @Carrabbas Plant City FL

160118GDJohnDaigleEPCOTFL1225.jpg (163443 bytes)

George and John Daigle @daiglels having some musical fun with Louie and the Mariachi Cobre Marimba Trio


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