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George & Mega-Star Friends

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George Visiting with Good Friend, Musician, and World’s Greatest Clarinet Player Richie Midura at the Holyoke Soldiers Home

George Visiting with Good Friend and Superb Musician Randy Carrillo of Mariachi Cobre – Always a Pleasure

George after an Enjoyable Visit and Dinner with Good Friend Consigliere Dick Melikian

George Visiting with Friend and Musician Eddie Forman

George Visiting with Good Friend and Musician Dennis Polisky

George “Reminiscing”  with Chris Marion of Little River Band after the Show – Still Performing Music with Amazing Harmonies just like the Old Days

George Visiting with Good Friend and IPA Hall of Famer Richie Midura

George (still attempting to play bass 11 years later) under the tutelage of the Amazing Jerry Bravo. Nice reunion/visit after several years!

131126GDJimMyersAnimalBook131927Crop.jpg (80021 bytes)

Jim (George Steele) is ready for George to do a book report on his new book "Animal". Visit to order your copy.

130418GDKoszewski123656-1.jpg (58393 bytes)

The Mega-Star having lunch with a good friend and musician Bill Koszewski


130417GDBillGlenny195743-1.jpg (66030 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with legendary jazz musician Bill Glenny


130413GDMidura202127-1.jpg (53772 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with the legendary Richie Midura. Reminiscing about the many recordings and older musicians we've worked with through the years.

130412GDJoeBaptistePeterAnnone130444-1.jpg (77179 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Joe Baptiste and Peter Annone


130407GDMitchKupiec234050.jpg (74974 bytes)

The Mega-Star and Mitch Kupiec wreaking havoc live on the radio airwaves.

130407GDFredBrozek233616.jpg (78740 bytes)

The Mega-Star live on the air with Fred Brozek

120520GDCarolEddieForman6231.jpg (107002 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with Carol & Eddie Forman

120520GDSandiZaganiacz6242.jpg (79667 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with the weather girl Sandi Zaganiacz

120221GDJimPatMyersSandyTalbot5790.jpg (78021 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with good friends Sandy Talbot and Pat & Jim Myers AKA Former Professional Wrestler George “The Animal” Steele

111222GDChadMatthewsABCNews8086.jpg (97932 bytes)

The Mega-Star visiting with friend and producer Chad Matthews at ABC in NYC

111222GDJohnDumontGeorgeStephanopoulosABC8081.jpg (79708 bytes)

The Mega-Star and John Dumont visit with George Stephanopoulos at ABC News

100527GDMelikian3369.jpg (70722 bytes)

George with Consigliere and Business Agent  Dick Melikian

100527GDTomBurke3354.jpg (67178 bytes)

George with Wrestling Promoter Tom Burke

100527GDSittard3374.jpg (63726 bytes)

George with Friend and Drummer Carl Sittard

100527GDSteveTracyBarbaraBenard3356.jpg (76269 bytes)

George with Broadcaster Steve Tracy and Broadcaster and Columnist Barbara Benard

100527GDTimKerigan3390.jpg (54392 bytes)

George with Mega-Star in Training Tim Kerigan

090916GDDaleRandyBurns2149.jpg (86005 bytes)

George visits with friends Dale and Randy "The Mechanical Man" Burns

090914GDJoeBaptisteRichieMidura2122.jpg (64555 bytes)

George with friends and musicians Joe Baptiste and Richie Midura

090914GDMarkHines2097.jpg (68051 bytes)

George with friend and musician Mark Hines

090914GDTomStanko2099.jpg (57696 bytes)

George with cousin and musician Tom Stanko

090914GDKenKostek2127.jpg (60450 bytes)

George with friend and photographer Ken Kostek

090914GDWallySzczukaRichieKmon2121.jpg (71175 bytes)

George with friends and musicians Wally Szczuka and Richie Kmon

090913GDLeoMurawski2069Crop.jpg (71026 bytes)

George with friend and musician Leo Murawski

090911GDJoeElliott2052Crop.jpg (87544 bytes)

George with friend and musician Joe Elliott

090513GDGeorgeBaker0860Crop.jpg (125256 bytes)

George visits with friend and musician George Baker

080712GDTomKostek9639.jpg (94748 bytes)

George with friend and musician Tom Kostek

080704GDEntertainers9359Crop.jpg (95638 bytes)

George with Joe Baptiste and Carl Sittard

The Entertainers reunion concert at the Chicopee Fest Of All, Szot Park, Chicopee, MA, July 4th 2008

080327GDJimMyersGeorgeSteele8810Crop.jpg (77375 bytes)

George with Jim Myers - AKA Former Professional Wrestler, George "The Animal" Steele

080221GDEddieForman8659Crop.jpg (67609 bytes)

George and Eddie Forman

071024GDDrEarlMindell8078Crop.jpg (75222 bytes)

George visits with Dr. Earl Mindell, the Goji Guru

070807GDEddieSkinger7244Crop.jpg (69723 bytes)

George visits with Eddie Skinger

070805GDKmon7217Crop.jpg (90815 bytes)

George with longtime good friend Richie Kmon

070506GDNelsons6793.jpg (80929 bytes)

George with Gunnar and Matt Nelson - The Nelsons

070330GDRobertoMartinez6009Crop.jpg (109331 bytes)

George with Roberto Martinez of the Mariachi Cobre

060817GDSandyJohnBerestka4883Crop.jpg (94059 bytes)

George and Sandy and John Berestka - Cajun Johnny B

060815GDAlNoble4692Crop.jpg (81220 bytes)

George and Grammy Award Winning Al Noble

060220GDPatCyczEddieFormanSteveDudasSteveJr3425Crop.jpg (80221 bytes)

George visits with Pat Cycz and Eddie Forman of EFO, and Steve Dudas of OPM along with Steve Dudas Jr.

051203GDJerryBravoPrincess3090Crop.jpg (142985 bytes)

George gets a bass lesson from Jerry Bravo.

051110GDDaleRandyPioneerSaloon2476.jpg (100003 bytes)

George visits the Pioneer Saloon with Mechanical Man, Randy Burns and his lovely wife, Dale. The Pioneer Saloon is the oldest sheet metal building in the country.

051110GDDaleRandyPioneerSaloon2470.jpg (96253 bytes)

050821GDDennisPolisky1153.JPG (61970 bytes)

George visits with Dennis Polisky, leader of the Maestro's Men and Grammy Award Nominee.

040816GDJulieBrownie4110.jpg (93090 bytes)

George visits with pirate performers Julie & Brownie.

040523GDDarrinMedley3838.jpg (76516 bytes)

George and vocalist/musician, Darrin Medley, the newest member of Paul Revere and the Raiders.
(Darrin is the son of Bill Medley, one of the Righteous Brothers.)

94PT74GDSturr10.jpg (60509 bytes)

George Interviews Grammy Award Winner, Jimmy Sturr

031018GDIllham2205.jpg (79669 bytes)

George with Moroccan Performing Artist, Ilham

031011GDSeanHannity2145.jpg (80281 bytes)

George & Radio and Television Personality, Sean Hannity

031011GDClarkHoward2146.jpg (88544 bytes)

George & Broadcaster and Financial Wizard, Clark Howard

GDMelikianPostCard.jpg (48089 bytes)

George with Business Agent, Dick Melikian.

Dick knows more people than Dick Clark!

020511GDPaulRevere811.jpg (67749 bytes)

George & Paul Revere, The Legend & "Last Madman of Rock & Roll".

GrampaMunster.jpg (27493 bytes)

Al Lewis - Grandpa Munster

Penn & Teller

Phil Donahue

Golfing With Baseball Legend - Luis Tiant

Sid Ceasar

Wrestling Legend - Killer Kowalski

91GDHappyLouieKFest1.jpg (84270 bytes)

George has fun and samples food with Happy Louie at the World Kielbasa Festival, Chicopee, MA (1991)

PtrandyBurns.jpg (16568 bytes)

Mechanical Man, Randy Burns

92PTGDKendraSaladBar10.jpg (23927 bytes)

George Interviews Health Director Richard Kendra About Salad Bars

George & The World's Greatest Clarinet Player, Richie Midura

Hockey Legend - Gordy Howe

Maury Povich

George Visits With Polka Legend, Gene Wisniewski.

Interview At Home with Sacramento Kings Head Coach - Garry St. Jean

Country Star - Sally Hart

George Interviews Singer/Songwriter, Lynn Barsalou

George Interviews Stunt Driver, Tym Chitwood

George Interviews Larry Chesky - Prime Time's First Guest

At The Festival - Carl Hoynowski - Chet Dragon - George Dorunda

Artist - Dave Barsalou

Polka Hall Of Famer - Chet Dragon

George Interviews Mary Lou & Chet Dragon at WREB Radio

The Entertainers

George Directs a Recording Session for - International Recording Artist - Regina Kujawa

92GDMicheleLaFong5.jpg (68560 bytes)

George interviews Comedian, Michele LaFong


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